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The Limited Series

Episode Three: Digital Transforms Physical

Episode Three: Digital Transforms Physical

In the final episode of the Limited Series, explore how digital technologies are fundamentally transforming the physical world. From accelerating the creation of new products to improving the efficiency of manufacturing operations, and optimizing the way service is performed on today’s complex machines, those who embrace digital technologies today are reaping real benefits in the physical world. Hear from a true technology visionary, PTC’s President and CEO, Jim Heppelmann, on how digital can transform physical across your business.

Episode Two: The New Frontier of Product Development


New technology is reshaping product design as we know it today.
Discover how the connected, digital thread enables engineers to stay focused on their designs while creating their best work, faster on the second episode of LiveWorx: The Limited Series. Learn how those from the manufacturing floor to the executive suite are accumulating the benefits of digital transformation- efficiency, cost savings, and innovation- in record time. Guests will discuss the roles that simulation-driven design, generative design, additive manufacturing, smart connected products, and SaaS-based CAD and PLM each play in weaving together the digital thread.


Episode One: Work Methods Changing the Workforce


Collaboration. Continuity. Innovation. We’ve got it all in this episode.
Tune in to the replay of episode one where host Katie Linendoll, an Emmy Award winning TV personality and Consumer Technology expert and our celebrated guests discuss how the pandemic has accelerated the speed at which companies adopt new solutions for their workforce and advanced what they see as possible in the future.

Digital Transformation: What's New, What's Next and What it All Means


In this whitepaper, ABI Research Director, Ryan Martin discusses key digital transformation technologies like IIoT, AR, and Machine Learning that companies are adapting to further their digital transformation journey.


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