Augmented Reality in Retail

Augmented Reality in Retail

Reshaping Retail with Augmented Reality

Product reviews and line reviews are an essential but lengthy part of product development for retail, footwear, and apparel brands. It can take multiple iterations and testing before a particular garment or line is greenlighted for production, and speed to market is critical to maximizing margins. Using our Vuforia technology, augmented reality (AR) can deliver a step-function improvement in the way product designs are reviewed during development and sampling.

Designers, developers, and merchants no longer need to rely on reviewing physical samples or low-fidelity 2D sketches to conduct product reviews and line reviews. Instead, they can augment virtual 3D models into their physical spaces so they can view their designs in real-time and in scale, then provide feedback in ways that can’t be achieved with 2D sketches, or even 3D models displayed on a monitor.

By leveraging AR, stakeholders, including merchandisers and designers, can now get a realistic feel for what a product will look like during its development, empowering them to make better aesthetic and financial decisions.

PTC’s AR platform is also enabling retailers and brands to improve the consumer’s product buying experience. The solution combines rich, high-quality 3D models with product information, enabling consumers to make informed buying decisions when shopping online or in stores when physical products aren’t always on-hand for review.


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