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Resources for K12 and university educators


Led by former university professors, PTC Education’s team is uniquely equipped to understand the needs of educators looking to prepare their students for the workforce. Technology is advancing rapidly, and our PTC Education product suite is designed to bring the cutting-edge software used by industry leaders to the classroom. Combined with resources and curriculum, our Education software packages give educators all the tools they need to be successful.


Educator offerings

PTC Education’s offerings provide PTC technologies and solutions to thousands of universities and schools across the globe to support classroom curriculum and education research.

CAD for K12 educators

Bring industry standard 3D CAD and engineering calculation software to your K12 classroom.


Download How to Model Almost Anything and contact our support.

How To Model Almost Anything

This comprehensive guide to Creo teaches industry best practices through a series of hands on activities, practice models, and a final skills assessment.


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