Reporting Suspected Piracy of PTC Software

Reporting Suspected Piracy of PTC SoftwareSoftware piracy is the unauthorized copying, use or distribution of proprietary software. This activity is theft and it hurts everyone by hampering our ability to invest in product enhancements

What are the risks associated with using unauthorized software?

  • Unauthorized software may contain malware (viruses, adware, spyware)
  • Unauthorized software may not work properly or fail entirely
  • Unauthorized use constitutes a violation of the law and may result in heavy fines and/or criminal penalties
  • Unauthorized use may result in damage to reputation, negative publicity and lost business

When you report suspected software piracy, you help everyone. You have the option of reporting your information anonymously, although we would encourage you to do so openly. PTC strives to educate consumers on software management and copyright protection. For more information about software piracy, compliance and reporting piracy to PTC see our Frequently Asked Questions.

State or Province is only required in the United States or Canada