Sub-policy: Privacy Statement for Children’s Personal Information and Onshape Education Plans

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Scope & Introduction

PTC may provide students with the opportunity to work with state-of-the-art 3D CAD software with its cloud native Onshape Education Plans, or Creo for K-12 and university students, or to use its industry-standard math notation and calculation tool, Mathcad, or to collaborate with Vuforia Chalk (all referred to as “Educational Services”).

This Children’s Personal Information Privacy Statement explains how PTC Inc. and PTC Inc’s Affiliates (“PTC,” “we,” "us," or "our") collect, use, and disclose Personal Information when a User uses the Educational Services, either as an individual or as a User granted access to the Service by a School, College, or University (“School”). We set out the basis on which any Personal Information we collect from a User through the Educational Services, or that is provided to us, will be processed by us. This Statement is supplemental to PTC’s Privacy Statement, which explains how PTC’s process of Personal Information in circumstances not covered in this Statement, for example, when visiting a PTC facility or signing up for a webinar. PTC’s Privacy Statement also sets out how we protect Personal Information and your rights with regard to your Personal Information and how you can exercise them.

PTC maintains policies and practices to ensure that we are fully compliant with all applicable regulations relating to the collection and handling of Children’s Personal Information, including FERPA, COPPA, and GDPR.

To use the Educational Services, a User must be:

  • Over the age of fifteen (15) if you are resident in the EU or EEA or over the age of twelve (12) in other countries,
  • one of the following:
    • an IT Administrator acting on behalf of a Qualified Educational Institution,
    • an Educator,
    • a Student,
    • a team mentor in a qualified student competition,
    • a parent of a Student or someone with parental responsibility for a Student, or the consent from the person with parental responsibility.

PTC will only set up an account for a child with the consent of either:

  • a child’s parent or legal guardian, or
  • someone with parental responsibility for a Student, or who has the consent from the person with parental responsibility,
  • a School on behalf of a child as the parent’s agent where the Educational Services are to be used solely in an educational context.

Privacy statement for Children’s Personal Information and Onshape Education Plans

Effective: January 1, 2024

1. What Personal Information relating to a User will be processed when creating a User account, and when using PTC Educational Services?

For PTC’s SaaS or online products, including Onshape and Vuforia Chalk, it is necessary for PTC to collect and process certain Personal Information relating to the User. When using a SaaS Service, the following categories of Personal Information will be collected:

  • Identifiers such as: Real names, alias, usernames, IP address, email address,
  • Internet activity such as interactions with PTC’s Educational Services,
  • Geolocation data such as data relating to the location of the user based on IP address,
  • Education information such as records of the school grade and school or records of certification with the Educational Services.

PTC does not collect Personal Information from children or students for commercial purposes. Where an account has been set up by a School on behalf of a student or child, Personal Information will be shared with the School to enable the School to administer the account and monitor progress in the use of the Educational Services.

2. How do we use your Personal Information?

PTC’s Educational Services will process a User’s Personal Information solely for the purpose of providing and improving the Educational Services. This will include:

  • to enable PTC to authenticate a User, validate their entitlement to access an Educational Service, and provide access to the Educational Services,
  • to administer cybersecurity security controls and prevent misuse of the Educational Services,
  • to manage the account and communicate to Users’ information about the Educational Services, as necessary,
  • to enable you to participate in forums and community discussions.

The processing of Personal Information also enables a School’s account administrator to configure and administer access and permissions within the Educational Services and to enable tasks to be assigned, monitored, and graded, etc.

3. Who has access to a User’s Personal Information?

In the normal course of providing the Educational Services, no one from PTC will have access to any Personal Information. However, in certain circumstances and at the request of the User and/or account administrator, a PTC technical support engineer may access Personal Information in order to provide assistance.

School Account Administrators will have access to all data entered into the Educational Services by the School’s Users. A School account administrator is also able to configure certain Educational Services, such as Onshape Education, to enable collaboration in which case certain Personal Information may be made available to teachers and other Users within the School as determined by the administrator.

4. How long will a User’s Personal Information be stored?

A User or an Educational Services Administrator has control over when Personal Information relating to a User account is deleted. To ensure that Personal Information is not stored longer than required for the purpose for which it was originally collected, User account data will be deleted five (5) years after an account was last accessed, if not deleted earlier by the User or the Educational Service Administrator.

Comments and notes made by a User that may be associated with a shared design will persist with the design or drawing and may be deleted by the School Administrator only.

5. Exercising rights with regard to a User’s Personal Information

A student, parent, or legal guardian of a student may request access to a student’s Personal Information, student-created content, the correction of any erroneous information, or the deletion of the Student’s account from the Educational Services. To do so, a written request should be sent to the support team for the Educational Services in question or (or for enquiries relating to Onshape). The request must include the User’s name, email address, and details of the relationship between the requester and the User. PTC will require verification of the requester’s identity, proof of relationship, and verification of parental rights of the student where the request is not made by the student directly. More information concerning a User’s rights with regard to their Personal Information can be found on PTC’s Privacy Statement.

6. Amendments

We reserve the right to change this Children’s Personal Information Privacy Statement from time to time and at our sole discretion. We will alert you that changes have been made by indicating in the Children’s Personal Information Privacy Statement the date it was last updated. When you use the Educational Services, you are accepting the current version of this Children’s Personal Information Privacy Statement as posted at that time.

7. How to contact us

If you have any questions or concerns about our use of your Personal Information or this Children’s Personal Information Privacy Statement, please contact us using the following details:

The Global Data Privacy Officer
PTC Inc.
121 Seaport Boulevard, Boston MA 02201
Attn: Compliance Department – Privacy
International contact telephone numbers are available on PTC’s OpenDoor website.