PTC SaaS and Private Cloud Terms and Related Documents

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These documents set forth the terms and conditions for PTC’s SaaS (except for Onshape and Arena) and private cloud services offerings. The PTC SaaS Agreement consists of a Quote (issued by your PTC sales representative or reseller), the Master Software as a Service Agreement, the Service Description(s) for the offering(s) you are purchasing, and the Service Level Agreement. These documents are provided for your review, download, and printing.

Note that, if the offering you are purchasing is a private cloud services offering, you must either already own the licenses being hosted, or purchase the licenses simultaneously. In such cases, the PTC on-premises license agreement also applies.

The PTC SaaS Agreement does not encompass terms and conditions for Onshape and Arena SaaS offerings. Onshape SaaS offerings are governed by the Onshape Terms of Use. Arena SaaS offerings are governed by the Arena MSA.

PTC SaaS agreement and related documents

The following documents apply to all purchases of PTC SaaS offerings.

Master SaaS Agreement

This Agreement applies to any purchase of a PTC SaaS offering.

Support for SaaS

Service Level Agreement (SLA)