Subscribe for a Multi-Year Term

PTC subscribers renewing their contracts for a multi-year term can realize major savings. Learn how much you can save now.

The Math of Going Multi-Year

Save money and time by renewing your subscription for up to 3 years.

With a multi-year contract, you lock in today’s price for several years and protect yourself from annual price increases. Did you know that, on average, customers save up to 10% by going multi-year? This overview summarizes the key benefits in regard to financial but also administrative savings.

Free Multi-Year Calculator

Find out how much you can save from renewing for up to 3 years

Download this easy-to-use Excel-based calculator to get an idea of the savings you can expect. Just enter your annual contract volume, your renewal term and the estimated annual price increase. You will instantly see your possible savings that you can share with your colleagues and managers and use as the basis for the conversation with your Renewal Advisor.

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