What is possible with augmented reality?

In service since 1834, with sales generating 3.0 billion in 2017, Sulzer is one of the world’s leading pump manufacturers. They focus on key markets in oil, gas, power, and water and are well known for state-of-the-art products, performance reliability, and energy-efficient solutions. Sulzer specializes in pumping solutions, services for rotating equipment and separation, mixing and application technology. With a network of service centers and sales offices that spans around the globe, their manufacturing footprint encompasses 180 production and service sites and employs roughly 400,000 people.

The goal

Sulzer’s goal in 2017 was to make “Digitalization Touchable” and showcase what is possible with Augmented Reality technology today. They understood the need to make technology tangible for management teams, people, and services that ultimately drive future revenue growth and innovation for their products. With limited budgets and resources, Sulzer had only been able to produce exhibits for 8–10 of their products. With AR, their goal was to utilize existing CAD drawings to build 3D, interactive experiences for all of their products, viewable on any device. It was key for them to implement a toolset that is user friendly and utlizied turn key management technology. AR allows their in-house teams to virtually access a customized 3D model at any time, from anywhere through shareable links.

The solution

Sulzer recognized Vuforia Studio as the foremost technology in AR development. Vuforia Studio allowed Sulzer to quickly and cost-effectively author and publish scalable AR experiences without the requirement of any previous programming and AR expertise. Beginning with PTC’s Vuforia Studio Free Trial Program, Sulzer implemented a single platform that enabled them to leverage the 3D models from existing CAD packages and create compelling digital experiences. By bringing together the physical and digital worlds they are able to translate their 3D data into valuable, on-demand user experiences and create “Touchabale Products” for all their exhibits and review processes.

The results

Within a ten month period, Vuforia Studio’s visual drag-and-drop authoring environment enabled Sulzer to achieve their goal of “Digitization” and showcase what is possible with Augmented Reality today. Vuforia Studio’s user-friendly toolkit enabled Sulzer to quickly and efficiently use its existing CAD data to create highly immersive, real-time AR experiences and publish a 3D model to any scene in the real world on any device. With custom features, 3D animation, digital overlays and fact sheets, Sulzer revolutionized their design process and impressed potential partners and customers. Leveraging AR experiences built in Vuforia Studio, Sulzer enabled viewers to scan and sample across multiple 3D models instantly rather than leafing through a catalog of 2D pictures.

"There is a growing gap between workers heading for retirement and younger workers seeking employment – augmented reality can help bridge the learning steps for the next generation. "
Walter Shein, Sulzer

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