EMC: Transforming Customer Service with Agility


EMC, a global leader in enabling businesses and service providers to transform their operations and deliver information technology as a service (ITaaS), determined that their service transformation priority is to optimize the Total Customer Experience (TCE). The company strives to increase service productivity and improve customer satisfaction even as their operations spread to further reaches of the globe and their service activities grow.

EMC, using PTC's Service Lifecycle Management technology, melded the people and the processes to increase service productivity. Our Service Lifecycle Management solutions merged data from disparate systems, giving EMC’s service managers and professionals a single source of truth for coordinating their activities. Centralized visibility into available resources and parts, combined with mobile access to SLM tools, has empowered EMC’s field technicians to take greater ownership of service responsibilities and outcomes.

As for SLM’s payback in productivity gains, the success metrics have been eye-opening: 

  • Service jobs per eight-hour shift are up by 60%
  • True usage of service resources has risen to over 80% of the average shift
  • The need for return trips has dropped from 20% of service calls to just 5%
  • Overall travel time for service has declined by nearly 50%
  • Total activity in service parts administration is down by 66%

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PTC's Kevin Wrenn leads a session focusing on service leaders of well recognized global brands who shared highlights from their organization’s service transformation journey. In a "Ted Talk" type setting, these featured presenters provided us with insight on the forces that prompted the need for service transformation, how the role of service has been elevated within their organizations, what milestones have been achieved (and missed), what benefits they are realizing and what challenges still lay ahead. Panel Members include: EMC, Ingersoll-Rand, and Cambridge Service Alliance.