Dyna-Empire Triples Machining Capacity with Creo

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Dyna-Empire, Inc. is a quality OEM supplier for over 60 years to the most widely used military and commercial aircraft, helicopter, and marine engines in the world. Diverse technological capabilities cover highly demanding environments, ranging from high temperature/high altitude requirements for gas turbine engines to deep-ocean cold-temperature/pressure conditions.

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  • Adapt manufacturing to work with new materials such as titanium
  • Prolong tool life with more exact machining
  • Machine complex surfaces, pockets, curves to meet customers specifications
  • Minimize material waste 


  • Creo was selected as a state-of-the-art scalable system offering integrated 3D CAD, CAM, CAID and CAE tools
  • Creo provides full solution for creation of all types of programs for CNC machines
  • Creo is more user friendly as compared to Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire and plus appealing to younger engineers who expect more functionality out of software


  • Creo helped Dyna-Empire execute more efficient machining strategies responsible for tripling manufacturing capacity
  • Tool life increased 14x due to better-controlled machining motions, resulting in thousands in savings
  • Switching from Mastercam to Creo helped increase part production by 4X.
  • Creo helped produce parts 80% faster 

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