Boston Engineering

Boston Engineering LogoAs an outsourced engineering services firm, Boston Engineering offers turnkey electrical, mechanical, software, and controls engineering development services for clients in industries such as electronics, medical, defense/homeland security, energy and environment, manufacturing, and robotics.

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  • Manage simulation setup more efficiently
  • Start new projects quickly
  • Maintain clean, artifact-free model data
  • Produce reliable analyses
  • Win prospects with compelling proposals

shark robot


  • PTC Creo with PTC Creo Simulate can analyze models in one environment and provides needed detail
  • PTC Windchill manages product data, enabling new projects to easily build on existing work
  • Engineers and design teams use PTC Mathcad to capture and communicate critical design and engineering knowledge
  • PTC Mathcad produces intuitive worksheets that can be attached to proposals


  • Simulations now run 60% faster
  • Setting up a new iteration of a design reduced from 2 weeks to 5 minutes
  • Team no longer spends days at the end of development cycle cleaning out unnecessary parts
  • Prospects feel confident about Boston Engineering’s work, because calculations are completely transparent and easy to understand