BANG Design

BANG LogoBANG Design is an award-winning development design consultancy headquartered in Bangalore, India creating products, services and experiences for many of the most influential businesses and institutions around the world. Bang Design works across a broad spectrum of industries including consumer products, telecommunications, healthcare, defense, infrastructure, education, finance and retail.

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  • Create concepts in 3D to better visualize ideas and ultimately shorten product development time.
  • Expand concept design process to include early checks and explore more ideas while still meeting deadlines.
  • Create products with organic shapes and surfaces that inspire confidence and convey value to customers.


  • Freestyle capabilities in PTC Creo Parametric, designers quickly create freeform shapes and surfaces, speeding concept design for simple and complex shapes. Concept designs go directly to detailed design without starting over.
  • PTC Creo allows designers to easily simulate product performance, before physical prototyping.
  • With PTC Creo, designers easily create highly precise and distinctly aesthetic product designs.


  • Concept design is completed in a quarter of the time compared to Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 4.0
  • With Freestyle capabilities in PTC Creo Parametric, some tasks that used to take 5 days can now be done in one.
  • Using simulation and freestyle capabilities of PTC Creo during concept design provides time to explore 30% more options.
  • Embrace Baby Warmer product met affordability goals. Doctors praised its design sophistication, easily supporting and adopting it.