Try Augmented Reality with Creo 4.0

Bring your 3D CAD models into real-world environments

Ready to start bringing designs alive with augmented reality? Now you can try this industry-changing technology and start using it with your designs.

That means that you can turn your 3D CAD models into an AR experience with just a few clicks in Creo. The system generates a “ThingMark” that anybody with the free ThingWorx View app can use to see the model in an immersive, real-world environment.

A life-size motorcycle model appears in the camera view of this tablet when the device is aimed at the hexagon-shaped ThingMark, visible below.

Augmented reality provides a new way to share ideas, identify issues, and get the “full effect” of your designs in real-world settings, long before they go to physical prototyping.

And here’s the best part: nobody needs complicated programming skills or tools to make it work.

Using augmented reality to evaluate the appearance of a proposed deck in a backyard.

Try an AR Experience Now!

You can see how it works right now. Just download the ThingWorx View app, available free on the Apple Story, Google Play, or the Apple Store. Then, go to our Augmented Reality page to find a ThingMark, already prepared for your viewer.

Point your app at the ThingMark, and a 3D model appears right away. From there, you can rotate, flip, or zoom in and out.

augmented tractor in ThingWorx View app

A 3D model appears in front of my computer—bringing a whole new meaning to “desktop computing.”

Yes, it’s fun, and it’s helpful for reviewing your work with others. And with the release of Creo 4.0 M010, now available, it can be all yours. With the newest update, you can start generating your own ThingMarks to bring your own designs into augmented reality. Visit the augmented reality page today to learn how.