Tips & Tricks: Placing a Die Form Using a Coordinate System

The die form workflows and user interface have been enhanced and modernized in PTC Creo 3.0 so they are consistent with those of the punch form tool. If the reference model has a coordinate-system component interface configured, you can quickly place a die form reference part as an on-surface coordinate system or by using component interfaces.

A die form on sheet metal

This die form is being placed on a piece of sheet metal using a set of coordinates.

To place a die form:

  1. On the Model tab, click Form > Die Form.
  2. Select a die form.*
  3. Select the option to Place using coordinate system.
  4. Select the surface.
  5. Select two offset references. This allows you to set the form as an on-surface coordinate system, as shown below.

Die from with coordinates

Place the form as an on-surface coordinate system by selecting the surface and two offset references.

You can modify the die shape surfaces, which are automatically found even if you have not defined them in the form model (available from the Shape tab). And, you can choose the die model surfaces to exclude (available from the Options tab).

*Did you notice that when you selected the die form, an additional popped up showing the tool before selecting it? That’s also new in Creo 3.0, for both die forms and punches.

Die form preview

In Creo 3.0, a new preview window pops up when you select a die form.

You can learn more about the die form feature in this video:

To learn more, read the PTC Creo Help Center page, About the Punch and Die Form User Interface.

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