Tips & Tricks: Piping Validation in Creo 4.0

Adding pipes to your design is easy with the Cabling and Piping module, but what happens when the piping database has errors? Going through a piping catalog line-by-line is tedious and time-consuming. Now Creo will validate your database and let you know what needs to be fixed so you can get to work faster. Here’s how:

Run Piping Validation

In the Setup group on the Piping tab, click Setup and select Check Piping Database.

If errors or warnings are found, the system displays them.

 Piping Cabling Data Report shows grouped results

Results grouped by status in the results dialog.

Change Report Grouping

You can change how the messages are displayed by selecting Status, File Type, or File Name.

This helps you identify what types of message you’re getting and where to go to fix issues.

 Change grouping in the Piping Cabling Data Report

Changing the grouping.

Edit Piping Catalog in Excel

Now that you know where to find the issues, you can open the catalog and fix the problems.

  1. Look at the end of a line in the validation report to find its row number in Excel.
  2. Right-click a line in the validation report and select Open in Excel.
  3. Go to the row number from step 1.
  4. Change the value.
  5. Save the file in Excel and refresh the validation report in Creo.

Watch the Demo

You can see a brief demo of these tips in the video below.

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