Tips & Tricks: Getting Started with Creo Parametric 4.0

Just a few weeks ago, we launched Creo 4.0, making the 3D CAD software available to our customers and as a free 30-day trial.

Have you tried it yet? With this release we added hundreds of new updates and features. You can expect to read about them for months to come--including Tips & Tricks that you can use to walk through, step by step, all the significant changes. 

But before you explore ground-breaking new features like for rendering, global dimensioning and tolerancing, and additive manufacturing, note some of these simple, time-saving features you’ll see when you first start working with Creo 4.0.

Mini toolbars

Now when you need to access a command, you no longer need to take your eyes off of your geometry to find it. Just select the geometry and use the new mini toolbar that appears.

The new mini toolbar in Creo 4.0 shows you the commands you need when and where you need them.

The mini toolbar (in the red box) in Creo 4.0 includes commands related to whatever geometry you select.

Intuitive Model Tree

The mini toolbar appears when you select an object in the Model Tree, too. From this mini toolbar you can often zoom to the selected feature (as shown below). This places the selected part in the center of the screen.

The Model Tree responds to your selections, expanding and collapsing nodes as you select different features. That way, you can see the relationships between your assembly’s parts.

Full screen geometry

Now that you have a mini toolbar, the ribbon and Model Tree seem redundant, don’t they? Do away with them using the new full screen mode. It maximizes the graphics area on your screen, hiding various UI. Access full screen mode in Creo 4.0 by pressing the F11 key.

These changes result in less mouse travel and allow your attention to remain on your design, rather than the application.

Edges and surfaces highlighted by default

Finally, Creo 4.0 includes a new approach to geometry-based selection and optimized pre-highlighting. The previous smart selection filter has been replaced by a geometry selection filter, which highlights edges and surfaces by default. Check out the video to see how it works:

The Best of Creo 4.0

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