Tips & Tricks: Preview AFX Changes in Creo 4.0

With Creo 4.0, you no longer have to imagine what a change will look like when you use Creo Advanced Framework Extension (AFX). You’ll get a preview in the graphics area before you commit to a change, potentially saving time and design rework.

 Creo AFX showing preview

Create a New Profile

Load up a design with framework, and let’s see how it works.

  1. In the Profiles group on the Framework tab, click New Profile.
  2. Select a section type, size and standard, and material.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Select a Reference Method: straight curve, two points, or bend curve.
  5. Select the appropriate references in the graphics area.

Two points selected on framework
Clicking two points on an existing framework for the reference.

You haven’t committed the change, but you can see the new profile in the graphics area.

 New beam appears in orange

The new beam is shown as a preview in orange.

If that wasn’t what you wanted, just change the reference method and try again.

 New arrangement created

Creating a new arrangement of profiles using different references.

Watch the Demo

You can see a brief demo of these tips in the video below.


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