Perspective on COVID-19 from Servigistics General Manager Leslie Paulson

Written by: Leslie Paulson

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These are unprecedented times, but we remain optimistic and focused on supporting our clients and partners. The response and recovery efforts we have seen in our ecosystem are encouraging. Our employees, partners, and customers have all banded together to identify challenges, brainstorm solutions, and take action to move forward. It’s a beautiful sight to see!

We are engaging with our network of service leaders to continue our work remotely. Implementations remain on schedule, proof of concepts are moving forward, our team of experts have accelerated their pace offering consulting services and guiding organizations in their response and recovery plans.

I echo Peter Diamandis’ perspective, Remember that our most important tool during times of panic and crisis is our mindset.” The uncertainty and disruption will pass, we’ll adapt and emerge on the other side.

That doesn’t mean we downplay any of the challenges the world is facing with so many organizations facing an array of daunting questions and challenges!

  1. How will this impact customer asset utilization and activity profiles?
  2. What capacity will my suppliers and repair vendors have to fill my orders?
  3. How will lead times and transit times grow and with what variability?
  4. How should we rebalance safety stock and what service level can we achieve with existing inventory?
  5. What are the weakest spots in our supply chain?
  6. Where should we invest to support our critical client commitments?
  7. How can we accurately model and forecast with such supply chain uncertainty? 

A small sample of seemingly overwhelming circumstances! 

How we are helping now?

Along with our clients and partners we’ve rolled up our sleeves to lend a hand. Hosting weekly calls with our Customer Advisory Group has been a useful platform for exchanging ideas and knowledge. Our clients are offering suggestions for how they are responding to COVID-19 with each other. Our team of experts are hosting one-on-one consulting, and group consulting sessions to maximize the use of technology during this challenge.

We’ve learned a lot and will continue to share this knowledge and information via a series of webcasts. Our experts are sharing their knowledge through thoughtful and timely articles. Ed Wodarski has helped us understand how to manage through extreme supply chain disruption. Vinod Arekar has shared why simulation is critical to service supply chain health

How we will help in the future?

Commitment to support our clients has always been a strength. With that commitment paired with our technology and expertise we will help lead the path forward out of this crisis. Our legacy of innovation continues as we further our pioneering work with artificial intelligence and machine learning. Taking full advantage of technology will help us out of this challenge and help propel us through future challenges as well. We’ll get through this and we’ll do it together!

Together, we’ll get through this!

There are many points of view on the breadth and depth of this disruption. On the downside, in the trough, and on the upside, we need to leverage the right tools and processes as best we can to keep ourselves and our businesses as healthy as possible.

Perhaps the most encouraging aspect is how the entire world is fighting a common enemy. Increased humanity is always a good thing!

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About the Author

Leslie Paulson

As General Manager of the Servigistics Business Unit, Leslie has responsibility for worldwide sales, marketing, business development, customer success, and research and development. She brings a wealth of experience from her 29-year career at Caterpillar, with 16 years as a member of executive management teams. Leslie is known for her passion and focus on driving change to deliver customer value and growth. She has a superior command of disruptive technology and its impact on service operations. She has brought her vision and experience to Servigistics and is leading an era of rapid innovation, further fortifying Servigistics as the industry-leading service parts optimization solution. 

Leslie has degrees from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale (MSME, BSME, Engineering), Bradley University (MBA) and Stanford (Executive Program).