BOBST Supercharges Operational Excellence with Servigistics
Written By: Bradley Rhoton
2/6/2020 Read Time : 3 min

What happens when a manufacturing veteran with 130 years of experience recognizes the need to modernize their service parts management software?

For BOBST, one of the world’s leading suppliers of equipment and services to packaging and label manufacturers, the answer was clear. With 14 production facilities running in eight countries and more than 5,600 global employees, BOBST needed cutting-edge service parts optimization capabilities to improve the health of their service supply chain and maximize equipment uptime and availability. . The complexity of their service supply chain demands a solution leveraging the latest data science and service supply chain best practices to find the optimal balance between cost & availability and where and when to stock critical service parts.

Enter Servigistics.

Since 2007, BOBST utilized MCA technology to manage their service parts. For many years the capabilities served them well. In 2012, PTC acquired MCA and subsequently merged the best capabilities into the Servigistics code base. Advanced data science and unrivaled service supply chain domain expertise position Servigistics well as BOBST evaluated all available technology.

“We investigated the available technology and found Servigistics to be the best-of-breed OEMs’ service parts management solution. As in 2007 BOBST pioneering mindset pushes us to use latest methods and technologies to positively impact uptime and TCO for our customers,” said Christophe Chevillard, group strategic planning manager – service parts business unit services, BOBST.

Servigistics leverages machine learning, artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms to truly optimize the service parts supply chain. This was paramount for BOBST since their equipment continues to evolve with greater sophistication.

“PTC’s Servigistics leads in service parts management. With increasing sophistication of our equipment and complexity of our supply chain, we see tremendous potential in incorporating the latest planning methods that are combined with strong analytics. On a medium-term Machine Learning and Connected Service Parts Management will be key to link all the aspects of customer service in action,” said Chevillard.

BOBST joins numerous industry leaders who standardize with Servigistics including: Liebherr, Rolls-Royce, Airbus FHS, HiKOKI Power Tools, Komatsu, Pratt & Whitney, Mazak, Metso and many more.

“We are excited to build on the experience and deep understanding we have cultivated over the years with PTC and its’ partners. Servigistics is a solution we can implement in a short period of time with minimal IT investment. Working collaboratively with PTC is something we have come to expect and has resulted in excellent outcomes,” said Arnaud Zuber, head of supply chain service parts, BOBST.

The pursuit of operational excellence is a shared goal between Servigistics and BOBST.

“With the migration to Servigistics, BOBST will now have access to a scalable solution that provides the industry’s most advanced capabilities and deep reporting dashboarding for service parts optimization,” said Leslie Paulson, general manager, Servigistics Business Unit, PTC. “These capabilities will let them improve business operations and provide exceptional service to their customers, and we are thrilled to be supporting their journey.”

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About the Author Bradley Rhoton

Bradley Rhoton is the Marketing Manager for the Servigistics Business Unit at PTC. He leads and organizes the Servigistics client affinity group organizations and facilitates best practice sharing and knowledge transfer between PTC, PTC clients and industry thought leaders. For 13 years he has worked closely with Servigistics clients to help capture their service program accomplishments and share their success stories.