5 Service Innovation Sessions Worth the Price of a LiveWorx Pass
Written By: Alex Dorian

Lockheed Martin. Komatsu. BRP-Evinrude. Boeing.

These are just four of many discrete manufacturers participating in LiveWorx’s service transformation sessions this year. Service executives will hear about Praxair’s use of augmented reality, Southwest Airline’s application of connected service parts management, and Lockheed Martin’s military aircraft sustainment services. Here’s a preview of five must-attend sessions for those leading service organizations:

1. Improving Service by Extending Digitalization Projects Downstream

Service technicians often refer to technical publications to troubleshoot and fix equipment, but what happens when that documentation doesn’t contain accurate information? Imagine seeing a part illustration that looks nothing like what you see in real life.

By “digitalization projects,” they’re referring to the implementation of product lifecycle management systems, which facilitate change management programs. In a nutshell, every time an engineer changes a part’s design, all downstream service manuals will reflect those changes automatically.

2. Pioneering Digital Transformation in the Chemical Industry: A Praxair AR Story

For Praxair, the third-largest gas products company in the world, the IoT and AR aren’t next-gen technologies: they’re resources with contemporary applications.

In this session, “Pioneering Digital Transformation in the Chemical Industry,” Jesus Flores-Cerrillo, Associate R&D Director, Praxair, and Eric Down, Senior Manager, Kalypso, will:

  • Show how Praxair is using AR to proactively identify failures and train novice technicians.
  • Share best practices for identifying high-value AR use cases.
  • Explain how to secure buy-in from key stakeholders.
  • Discuss options for deploying the technology.

3. Executive Panel: Aerospace & Defense Supply Chains in a Connected World

Uncertainty is a common denominator across all military supply chains. So, how can warfighters and defense OEMs minimize that unpredictability to ensure assets are ready when needed?

This will be the overarching question during “Aerospace & Defense Supply Chains in a Connected World.” During the session, panelists will discuss how connected supply chain optimization, augmented reality, digital engineering, and additive manufacturing can empower A&D organizations to “achieve supply chain excellence.” Panelists include:

  • Patrick Waddick, President, Innovation & Operations, Cirrus Aircraft
  • Dr. Paul Hartman, Director, Center for Operational Analysis, Air Force Institute of Technology
  • Dr. Marilyn Gaska, Chief Engineer, Logistics & Sustainment, Lockheed Martin
  • Sanjay Jagdale, Founding Partner, Servizzio
  • Alexander Daly, Director, PTC

4. Expert Panel: Best-in-Class Service Parts Management

According to a recent study from Bill Pollock, Principal Consulting Analyst and President of Strategies for Growth, 74% of service parts planners believe parts management is “extremely important” to client relationships.

What should organizations do to ensure parts are where they need to be, when they need to be there? Panelists from The Service Council, the United States Coast Guard, LAM Research, and Hitachi Vantara will discuss proven service parts management strategies during a 45-minute session, “Best-in-Class Service Parts Management.”

5. Changing the Service Experience Through Product-Centric Technical Illustrations

This session hearkens back to Duncan and Toor’s presentation on extending engineering digitalization projects to service.

Titled “Changing the Service Experience Through Product-Centric Technical Illustrations that Support Your AR Strategy,” session speaker Jeff Coon, Product Management Director of Illustration Tools, PTC, will demonstrate how tech pubs teams can create AR-friendly, 3D technical illustrations with Creo Illustrate.

Coon has spoken extensively about this topic before. Last year, he co-hosted a webinar about how to deliver 3D content for both print and digital publications.

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