4 Retail Technology Sessions You Should Not Miss at LiveWorx

Written By: Blake Simms
  • 5/21/2018
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LiveWorx is a yearly gathering of the most exciting minds in tech, featuring innovations designed to transform how entire industries operate in today’s connected world. Retail is currently experiencing its own consumer-driven transformation, forcing brands to rethink how to deliver the right products at the right time and at the right price. For those involved in product lifecycle management (PLM) or the product development process, LiveWorx offers a unique place to learn about the game-changing technologies shaping the future of retail. These are the four sessions that every retailer should attend.

Digital Design Technologies Transforming Product Creation

In an engaging panel discussion, speakers from Vera Bradley, WhichPLM, and PTC will discuss how product developers can accelerate speed to market, drive innovation, and enable better communication using digital design technologies. Attendees will learn about the value that augmented reality (AR), digital storyboards, and 2D/3D design solutions bring to the fashion apparel product design process. Each speaker will touch on how developments in consumer-driven design, personalization, voice-of-the-customer, and digital concept management help retailers bring winning products to market.

The Power of Analytics

In the next few years, cognitive computing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning capabilities will support nearly half of the digital transformation initiatives in retail. Leading brands are already finding ways to profit from insights generated by predictive analytics, which are becoming intertwined across customer journeys, supply networks, merchandising, and marketing. Understand the business impact and hear about different use cases in an informative session featuring several notable retail technology experts.

Reshaping Retail with AR

Augmented reality, when combined with product design data, has the ability to revamp the way that products are designed and created. See how merchandisers and designers can use AR to visualize what a product will look like throughout the development phase, empowering them to make better aesthetic and financial decisions. In addition, explore several ways AR can provide consumers with a better shopping experience in a breakout session with live demonstrations.

Leveraging IoT to Bring the Connected Store Concept to Reality

The Connected Store is becoming a reality as the convergence of digital and physical shopping continues to evolve. Retailers now have an overwhelming amount of data at their disposal to help guide their decisions around staffing, inventory levels, product assortments, store layout and customer traffic patterns. By leveraging analytics, RFID tracking, remote device monitoring and IoT technology, retailers can significantly improve the in-store experience for their customers to keep them coming back. Learn more in the Connected Store panel discussion.

It’s an exciting time for retail technology and you will feel it at LiveWorx. The future of retail is beginning to take shape. Are you ready?

LiveWorx 2018 takes place at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center in Boston, MA from June 17-20. Register here.

LiveWorx Retail Technology Conference

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