PTC Celebrates PLM Industry Dominance at Frost and Sullivan Leadership Awards Gala
Written By: Nick Iandolo
10/23/2019 Read Time : 2 min

On a warm night in Austin, TX, Frost and Sullivan (F&S) honored technology and industry trendsetters for 2019 at the Innovation, and Leadership Awards Gala.

Among the recipients was PTC, whose own Kevin Wrenn, PLM Divisional GM, accepted the award on the company’s behalf.  PTC's GTM VP Mark Taber also attended the awards ceremony. 

Kevin Wrenn and Mark Taber receive Frost and Sullivan Award for PLM Product Leader 2019 on hehalf of PTC.

F&Sis one of the preeminent market research firms in the world. Their designation of PTC being the PLM Product Leader is a game-changer in the industry, positioning PTC above its competitors globally.

The following comes directly from their official best practices award report:

Strongly committed to maximizing the value proposition for its discrete manufacturing customers, PTC offers the Windchill PLM software. One of the distinct features of PTC’s PLM solution is its comprehensiveness. Windchill comes with wide-ranging functionality and PLM applications to manage bill of materials (BOM), track changes and configurations, manage requirements, and check quality, to name a few functions.

Frost & Sullivan finds that PTC stays abreast with the latest trends and incorporates additional functionalities to ensure that its PLM remains on par with the industry requirements and technological advancements.

Frost & Sullivan finds that PTC empowers its customers with the agility to stay aligned with a rapidly evolving business environment.

And this news did not go unnoticed by the C-Suite at PTC as Jim Heppelmann used the following chart from F&S during his August Employee Meeting to give a shout out to the hundreds of people at PTC who made the award possible.

PTC PLM Product Leader over Dassault and Siemens deemed by Frost and Sullivan 2019.

It quantified two important aspects of PLM product leadership illustrated in the aforementioned report: Business Impact and Product Family Attributes. PTC excelled in both categories. 

For a deeper dive into how PLM is spurring innovation in digital thread-based manufacturing and industry visit our Digital Innovation page.

To see the actual award for yourself, visit our CXC at PTC's Seaport HQ!

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