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This blog is based on an interview conducted as part of PTC's new video series, "Digital Transforms Physical," at the IXC Aachen; it has been translated from the original German blog. In this conversation with Michele Del Mondo, Director Market Development Automotive at PTC, learn how PTC is helping manufacturers and suppliers in the automotive industry with their digital transformation.

Michele Del Mondo has been working in the exciting environment of the automotive industry for more than 25 years. At PTC, he is responsible for market and business development for the Mobility division, which also includes the automotive industry. At PTC he has had the opportunity to combine his automotive process knowledge with the latest IT technology to provide automotive industry customers with the best possible advice and support in their digital transformation.

How is the automotive industry changing because of electro-mobility?

Electro-mobility is naturally changing the value chain in the automotive industry. Some areas will grow stronger in the future, such as components and systems in the interior space, sensors, and everything to do with battery technology, to name just a few. At the same time, however, some products will significantly decrease in sales, such as injection systems, and exhaust systems, etc. The good thing is that most suppliers are reacting early to the electro-mobility trend and adjusted their product portfolio accordingly.

What are the new requirements suppliers are facing?

In addition to the high investment costs for developing new products, we also see that electro-mobility is increasing product complexity, and, as a result, more significant risks must be managed. If I was previously dealing with a simple mechanical product, I now have the challenge of integrating both electrics/electronics and software into the products.

What will be decisive for the automotive industry in the future?

Michele's point of view:

The automotive industry and suppliers will become more agile
They think more in terms of software development cycles
They build flexible IT architectures to break down data silos
They connect systems intelligently to be able to react as quickly as possible to changing market and general conditions
They achieve sustainable, consistent, and repeatable high-process quality

Does the German automotive industry now have to worry about being overtaken by the “Musks” of this world?

No, the automotive industry in Germany is generally known for its high innovative potential and high-quality standards. Even though we may only feel like a fast follower internationally regarding electromobility, we have taken a good step forward and made up lost meters. Suppose we transfer our high-quality standards of the most diminutive possible gap dimensions to the software quality in the car. In that case, I see ourselves well-positioned for the future.

How can PTC's solutions support this transformation process?

As a software provider, we have known and practiced agile processes ourselves for years. With our solution portfolio, which can cover a product's entire product life cycle, we help automotive suppliers, who make up our most significant area in CER, with their digital transformation. In doing so, we increase efficiency in product development and, by networking mechanical, electrical/electronic, and software data, ensure that requirements, e.g., for functional safety according to ISO 26262 or according to Automotive SPICE, can more easily be met and achieved. In addition, our SaaS-based solutions offer our customers better planning in an already complex IT world and, overall, a lower TCO when operating enterprise software.

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