Uncover the Best Practices Hidden Within and Across Your Plants
Written By: Cam Dufty
4/11/2019 Read Time : 30 sec

Identifying and incorporating proven best practices is the most effective way to ensure operational peak performance. But with disparate machines, lines, sites, machines, and workforces—to name just a few of the incongruent factors spread out across your manufacturing ecosystem—it can be difficult to uncover these hidden gems of productivity.

The best practices for uncovering best practices

PTC has helped plant managers and EVPs of all kinds uncover the best practices already in action within and across their plant floors. Based on that experience, we’ve developed this The Plant Benchmarking Playbook: A Three-Phased Guide to Implementing Tactical Best Practices.

With a focus on standardizing data, integrating all the disparate factors that influence analytics, and creating automated KPIs that create accessible, apples-to-apples dashboard views, the playbook is your guide to creating contextual, measurable metrics that show you what’s truly working—and what’s not—across your plant floors.

Download the playbook to learn more.

Download Your Plant Benchmarking Playbook

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