ThingWorx and HPE Edgeline Accelerate Your IoT

Written by: Manish Yashvant

In mission critical industrial applications, the need to access and analyze industrial data in real-time is paramount. The effectiveness of industrial IoT often depends on where you can access, process and analyze the data—is it at your fingertips, or buried offsite?

This is why there’s a growing trend for operational data to be captured outside of centralized data centers and the Cloud—and instead, gathered directly at the factory site and captured on the Edge. To realize this potential, you need the same datacenter and Cloud IT capabilities—such as flexible storage, robust security and network connectivity capabilities—captured at the Edge, as well where all the “Things” making up your Internet of Things are connected.

When you combine the ThingWorx Industrial Innovation Platform—and its advanced capabilities in developing and deploying applications and augmented reality (AR) experiences—with HPE Edgeline Systems, and its industrial data storing and processing capabilities, your organization will be able to react in real-time and accelerate your IoT time-to-value and ROI.

To learn more, read this case study on how HIROTEC Group, one of the largest private production companies in the global automotive market, overcame the challenge of unplanned downtime by using the combined power of ThingWorx and HPE Edgeline Edge-to-Cloud solutions.

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Manish Yashvant

Manish Yashvant is a Sr. Director of Strategic Alliances at PTC for their IoT platform business. He has several years of experience in Industrial IoT with roles in Business Development, Partner Strategy, Solution Development and go-to-market strategy. Prior to that, Manish has been at PTC in various roles from Solution Architect, Sales Engineering and Pre-Sales Management for their PLM solution and helping manufacturing companies transform their product development processes.