Strengthen Your Industrial Control System Security with KEPServerEX V6.5

Written by: Candace Letizia

Within today’s constantly evolving cybersecurity threat landscape, it’s more important than ever that industrial organizations utilize defense-in-depth tactics to secure their operations networks. PTC operates in the same threat environment, and we understand the challenges our customers face. That’s why in KEPServerEX version 6.5, we have strengthened our commitment to providing users the functionality and resources they need to improve the security of their Industrial Control System (ICS) and implement best practices.

With the new security-focused enhancements in this release, users can:

  • Prevent attackers from stealing proprietary information during project file transfer
  • Increase the security of application-level settings—even before project configuration
  • Combat encryption-breaking technology
  • Leverage modern security components

The 6.5 release also includes user-focused resources that enable customers to:

  • Understand how to collaborate with us to increase the security of their software deployment.
  • Gain tactical information on using secure interfaces and the Configuration API, conducting on-going server maintenance and more.

Finally, 6.5 also features updates to 32 other server components, drivers and advanced plug-ins. ThingWorx Industrial IoT Platform users in particular will benefit from new Store and Forward capabilities for the ThingWorx Native Interface—gaining additional control over how data collected by KEPServerEX is forwarded to ThingWorx after the two solutions are reconnected.

Collectively, these updates and new resources make KEPServerEX version 6.5 a significant release for users that want to better protect their industrial operations against cybersecurity threats. We encourage you to learn more and download your free trial today

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