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Written By: Cam Dufty
  • 7/24/2018
3 Quick Wins

When you’re a great service professional, you’re also the least celebrated. Your customers never know how you prevented downtime behind the scenes—just that their machines are running, as if by sheer luck, with fewer service calls and improved uptime.

But what looks like magic to your customers is actually sophisticated technology, working to help you create proactive, efficient and customer-centric service. Remote monitoring based IoT platforms use reliable, integrated machine connectivity to send seamless, real-time data direct to your service team—letting them see all types of customizable performance status information. Armed with this real-time data, you can prioritize, optimize, and strategize service like never before.

See how other best-in-class service teams are using remote monitoring by watching our new “3 Quick Wins Provided by Remote Condition Monitoring” video. In just under three minutes, you’ll see how service professionals across different industries are using remote monitoring to track machines in the field for different levels of service. You’ll also learn why remote monitoring is the best way to optimize service ROI, reduce MTTR and increase first-time fix rates, among many other benefits.

Watch this short video to learn about three immediate wins—including reductions in MTTR and truck rolls—made possible with remote monitoring.

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