Introducing ThingWorx 9.4: Here’s What’s New 

Written by: Howard Heppelmann

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The latest version of our industry leading IIoT software is now available! 

We just closed out PTCs premiere event LiveWorx and we hope that everyone who was able to attend had as great of a time as we did! This week we are thrilled to announce the availability for ThingWorx v9.4.

World class industrial and product connectivity, a strong focus on enabling applications and analytics, and a core product architecture designed for future innovation are just a few of the reasons why ThingWorx is the leading Industrial IoT (IIoT) provider. With each release, our goal is to continuously expand our capabilities and provide valuable new features for both our long-standing customers as well as those that are just starting out in their ThingWorx journey. Most importantly, those features need to be put to work on valuable business solutions which can scale with our customers’ needs. 

The new and updated features in ThingWorx 9.4 increases overall security and helps you boost productivity: 
Foundation performance improvements for ThingWorx Events and Subscription processing at scale.

  • Composer and Mashup Builder have been updated with new charting capabilities to help visualize and analyze critical data points.
  • Analytic features have been improved for scalability and security with updates to underlying libraries to enable the creation and scoring of predictive models.
  • Software Content Management now has the ability to run, register and unregister scripts, as well as improved deployment management, tracking and more.
  • Remote Service Edge Extension for C-SDK, will enable remote sessions for service and troubleshooting connected edge devices at scale leveraging Global Access Servers.

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About the Author

Howard Heppelmann

Howard Heppelmann is Divisional Vice President and General Manager of PTC’s ThingWorx IoT Solutions business segment. In this role he is responsible for bringing to market solutions that harness today’s most disruptive technologies into a continuous digital thread that enables industrial companies to improve operational efficiency, differentiate products and service offerings and transform business models.


Howard most recently served as Vice President and General Manager, ThingWorx IoT Solutions. In this role he was responsible for bringing to market solutions to help manufacturing leaders improve efficiency, agility, quality and workforce safety in discrete manufacturing, oil & gas and process manufacturing market segments. Howard’s previous roles at PTC include General Manager, Connected Product Management and General Manager, Service Lifecycle Management.

Howard has worked in the manufacturing industry since 1990 and has extensive experience working with businesses to apply Industrie 4.0, Smart Connected Operations and Smart Connected Product technologies and process innovation in order to transform how industrial companies design, manufacture, sell, operate and deliver service in a today’s Internet of Things (IoT) powered world.

Howard is a regular participant at industry seminars where he has presented on important topics such as Industrie 4.0, Service Lifecycle Management (SLM), Smart, connected Products and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), and product development best practices in both discrete manufacturing and retail. He has been published and quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes and numerous other business and trade publications.


Howard attended Macalester College in St. Paul Minnesota, where he earned degrees in Economics and International Studies.