HIROTEC’s IoT Journey: Tangible Improvements from the Plant Floor to Top Floor

Written By: Claire Cavanaugh
  • 3/4/2019
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HIROTEC industrial connectivity case study

When leading automotive industry manufacturer HIROTEC AMERICA realized their data was becoming a roadblock to operational efficiency, they decided to take action before it became a larger barrier to product quality and plant floor productivity.

After searching for solutions and platforms that would enable simplified data access, real-time insights, and proactive decision-making, HIROTEC started utilizing industrial connectivity solution KEPServerEX and the ThingWorx IoT platform.

With better-integrated data through KEPServerEX and intuitive, single-source insights through ThingWorx, HIROTEC launched a journey toward tangible improvements from the plant floor to the top floor.

By testing their IoT progress with six-week Agile sprints, HIROTEC was ultimately able to:

  • Improve collaboration
  • Enhance enterprise-wide data visibility
  • Increase uptime and ROI
  • And more!

Access the full case study for deeper insight into HIROTEC’s journey from operational challenges to connectivity and IoT solutions.

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