Enterprise IoT Success Often Hinges on Prioritization

Written By: Brant Henne
  • 8/29/2018
Enterprise IoT

Every company considering an enterprise or industrial IoT (IIoT) solution must be able to answer the fundamental question: “Which of my business challenges should I solve first?”

Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer prioritizing business challenges in your IIoT strategy. While introducing or enhancing services is a proven winner for short-term wins, there’s still many different paths to the fastest ROI. One organization may find a rapid value in automating consumables replenishment, while a close competitor may see quick gains by reducing customer downtime.

While prioritizing your IIoT opportunities is a challenge, the solution is likely to stay the same whichever way you triage: Remote monitoring as your initial IIoT business focus is perfect if you already have a strong service component to your offerings, or you are looking to differentiate from your competitors with complementary service.

Remote monitoring is a key first step to on-boarding most IoT solutions; more sophisticated capabilities such as automation, control, preventative analytics, and cross-system orchestration all depend on the “IIoT plumbing” that is synonymous with remote monitoring. The ability to connect, capture and share data enables a wide range of quick wins—particularly in service. In fact, remote monitoring can be used as one way to vet the suitability for initial IIoT projects. If remote monitoring capabilities aren’t sufficient to bring a project to life, there’s a good chance the project may be overly ambitious to qualify as an IIoT “quick-win” use case.

After you’ve identified a great IIoT use-case that can be enabled through remote monitoring, the next step is to start evaluating IIoT platforms. Making sure you invest in a scalable platform that meets your initial use-case is vital. But the right platform will also offer the flexibility, security and additional capabilities you need to grow your IoT strategy over time.

To assist you in your evaluation, we’re pleased to provide you with a complimentary copy of Tech-Clarity’s Buyer’s Guide: Improving Service with Remote Condition Monitoring. This eBook clarifies why remote monitoring is key to IIoT business strategies—especially those involving service. The buyer’s guide also identifies the must-have features and competencies for remote monitoring and IIoT.

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