Are You Really Speaking of Service in Your Digital Transformation?
Written By: Emily Himes
10/13/2022 Read Time : 3 min

With the popularity of podcasts on the rise, listeners are gaining major insights in a compact amount of time. With PTC’s Speaking of Service podcast, you can learn how the IIoT can improve various aspects of service within your organization by growing service revenue, controlling costs, and increasing customer satisfaction in just 20 minutes. When you use the power of remote condition monitoring and predictive maintenance, you can gain a competitive edge and totally innovate the way service works at your organization. The Speaking of Service podcast brings expert guests together to discuss their views on how the IIoT is unlocking business value for all types of service organizations. 

Many of PTC’s customers are embracing IIoT to elevate their service operations and want to share those insights with us. Chris Wolff and Chris MacDonald, our podcast hosts, have had the privilege to speak with some of the best in the business world to hear their stories and share them more broadly. Guests on the podcasts are enthusiastic to share their expertise — in fact, Chris Wolff recounts that guests “light up when they share their expertise out loud.” 

Chris Wolff Chris MacDonald

Tune in at any time to hear how the best companies are using connected technologies to boost service revenue while simultaneously improving customer satisfaction.


Howden, a provider of critical gas and air handling products, has found great success in applying  predictive maintenance and analytics to their current processes. In the past, if a device’s temperature exceeded the threshold, an alert would be sent out after-the-fact. Now, an equipment manufacturer can spot the precursors to temperature anomalies to take action before issues arise. 

Billy Milligan, Solutions Development Lead at Howden, joined Chris MacDonald in Episode Four of the podcast to share insights on how Howden successfully managed the launch, scale, and improvement of its Uptime platform by responding to feedback and iterating on functionality to aid decision-makers. 

“We developed this remote monitoring platform because we couldn’t get good, reliable data when trying to remotely diagnose performance or health issues... now, we’re in a position where we can capture reliable, secure, robust data from our assets all over the world.” 


Sysmex, a healthcare solutions company, leveraged ThingWorx to transform the blood testing market. The company is the leader of key in-vitro diagnostic hematology and clinical laboratory products across the globe, and it is utilizing the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) to drive improved diagnostics and patient outcomes, leading to impressive customer satisfaction ratings. 

Sysmex employed ThingWorx to enable remote monitoring for its instruments. This simple move allowed Sysmex to provide over half its customers with remote service — meaning more machine uptime, more dollars saved, and more overall efficiency. 

When we spoke to Andy Hay, CEO & President of Sysmex America, he passed on valuable insights into how Sysmex´s digital transformation progressed and most importantly how it keeps focus on driving health outcomes by leveraging a smart connected products strategy.

Bell & Howell  

Bell & Howell is one of the world’s largest service organizations and keeps finance, industrial, and public sector enterprises running efficiently. The organization leveraged the IIoT to drive innovation by implementing ThingWorx and Microsoft Azure to create BH Connect, a comprehensive suite of service offerings including remote monitoring, service, and repair. The success of BH Connect led to a new offering – dubbed BH Analytics 360 – which collects and analyzes the data from connected machines and provides the results in a user-friendly interface.

Bell & Howell’s Vice President of Digital, Data, and Analytics, Haroon Abbu, will join the Speaking of Service podcast lineup on November 9th to discuss how they use data to support remote service calls and troubleshoot before sending technicians out to customers.

The Speaking of Service podcast airs a new podcast every two weeks. Upcoming episodes will feature Brian Allred (Global Director, Data Analytics and Digital Technologies at Autoliv), Danny Jackson (Digital Transformation Director, Autoliv), Haroon Abbu (Vice President, Digital, Data, and Analytics at Bell & Howell), and Chris Joynt (AI & Analytics Translator) in the coming episodes. 

Whether your organization is just starting to consider using the IIoT for service, or you’ve already mastered remote diagnostics and predictive maintenance, PTC’s Speaking of Service podcast is the place to gain expert insights and learn about the latest technology. 

PTC's Speaking of Service Podcast Whether your organization is just starting to consider using the IIoT for service, or you’ve already mastered remote diagnostics and predictive maintenance, you'll gain expert insights. Listen Now
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