5 Reasons ThingWorx and Microsoft Azure are the Perfect Match

Written by: Greg Kaminsky

Earlier this year, we announced a strategic partnership with Microsoft aimed at helping enterprise customers accelerate digital transformation through the IoT. One of the biggest drivers for this partnership was the ability to leverage Microsoft Azure as the preferred cloud infrastructure for deploying ThingWorx. There are many benefits to using cloud delivery for industrial IoT applications, but as a joint solution, ThingWorx and Azure have a unique set of capabilities that drive business value. These are five reasons that they make the perfect match.

1. Seamless Interaction

Joint architecture with Microsoft allows ThingWorx to interact seamlessly with Azure IoT and leverage its strong data ingestion and security features. Our custom built Azure IoT Hub Connector provides manufacturers with faster time to value and maximizes our development efforts around the functionality that’s available in Azure.

2. Data Sourcing

ThingWorx’ ability to contextualize data sourced from Azure with additional content like 3D models or engineering data provides industrial organizations with deeper insights into their smart, connected products and operations. This real-time data synthesis is key to unlocking the information needed to drive rapid industrial innovation.

3. Complementary Portfolios

Both Microsoft and PTC have portfolios that complement their respective core services to provide a more holistic solution to digital transformation. ThingWorx also integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to transform field service, as well as with Vuforia Studio which can create engaging AR experiences that can be viewed with Microsoft’s HoloLens. Together, these complementary solutions form a more complete and powerful offering that aligns the strategies of two industry leaders.

4. Global Scale

Azure brings unprecedented speed, security, scalability, and global reach to ThingWorx – the pillars of digital transformation for any industrial enterprise. A strong IoT foundation is a requirement to future-proofing operations, and the scalability of Azure fortifies ThingWorx’ ability to transform the way that organizations create, operate, and service products.

5. Bi-Directional Communication to IoT Assets

Integration with Azure IoT Hub enables bi-directional communication to millions of IoT assets, meaning that individual smart, connected products can both send and receive actionable messages in a reliable and secure fashion. This opens the door for automation, remote monitoring, energy management, and more.

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