4 Benefits of a Drop-In Connectivity Application for OEMs of Smart, Connected Products
Written By: Claire Cavanaugh
6/11/2019 Read Time : 2 min

Reliable connectivity has long been a challenge for machine builders looking to access data from their machines. In their efforts to overcome this connectivity challenge and gain valuable insights from their industrial data, machine builders typically opt for a custom, one-off approach, either utilizing internal developers or outsourcing to third-party developers. 


While this might provide an upfront solution to some problems, it also introduces several others. With an in-house connectivity approach, machine builders are opting to spend money on a development staff or go through a third party. These projects can be costly, lengthy to implement, difficult to maintain, and cumbersome to scale for future requirements and initiatives. Furthermore, the cybersecurity expertise of in-house or third-party resources may vary, potentially leaving machines in an insecure state.


To save on expensive development and maintenance, machine builders need a drop-in connectivity application that enables them to stream real-time data from the edge. There are four primary benefits to using a drop-in connectivity application.


1. Out-of-the-Box Connectivity Across All Your Devices


Drop-in applications, such as the soon-to-be-released ThingWorx Kepware Edge, enable machine builders to implement connectivity to devices that that utilize Siemens or Allen-Bradley PLCs, or sensors or PLCs that utilize the Modbus protocol. 


2. Avoid  Expensive Development Staff or Third-Party Solution


Drop-in applications enable unified connectivity without the added cost of a do-it-yourself solution, which risks future rebuild in the case of any system-level changes.


3. Access Machine Insights Remotely and Securely


With a drop-in connectivity application, machine builders can monitor their devices and access data insights from anywhere. More importantly, they can do so far more securely than they could’ve with an in-house solution.


4. IoT-Ready Connectivity


With solutions like ThingWorx Kepware Edge by PTC, your machine connectivity becomes a strong foundation for future digital transformation. IoT-ready connectivity means a smoother, simpler, and quicker IoT implementation for better insights and more proactive service.

Drop-In Applications for Dependable, Unified Connectivity

Machine builders can gain unprecedented values connecting their assets—including remote visibility, real-time insights into performance, and more. With an out-of-the-box, drop-in connectivity application like ThingWorx Kepware Edge, decision-makers can reliably and securely connect, manage, monitor, and control their devices without ballooning costs. 

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