Augmenting Reality with an IoT Platform
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Free Trial of Customizable IIoT Solutions

The ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps are purpose-built and role-based to give you the flexibility and customizations to make the most of your IoT solutions. And now for the first time, a full suite of Apps and Platform are available for a free 120-day trial.

With free and newly added customizable features never before available, this manufacturing trial includes:

  • Full Use of the ThingWorx Industrial Innovation Platform: Built on Kepware industrial connectivity, with the capabilities to create purpose-built apps and innovative dashboards that support your custom needs and KPIs.
  • Next Generation Composer: An integrated application modeling environment that uses browser concepts to improve developer efficiency, including an intuitive user interface and optimized workflows 
  • Mashup Builder: A drag-and-drop solution that enables developers and business users to create interactive applications, dashboards, collaborative workspaces, and mobile interfaces without the need for coding 
  • Integration Capabilities: Connection to other systems enables developers to create more feature-rich solutions quickly and easily 
  • Anomaly Detection: configuration of anomaly alerts is accessible in Composer, simplifying the implementation of powerful analytics capabilities

This scalable free trial includes 120 days of free access to ThingWorx industry leading industrial IoT solutions, the Developer Portal—with more than 20 thousand active users providing peer insights—and a wealth of other content, including videos and tutorials, to help you optimize your IoT. The apps can be up-and-running in an hour, with out-of-the-box functionality that gives you real-time insights into asset connectivity and asset performance.

Leverage the full breadth and power of the ThingWorx Platform to rapidly build and extend custom apps that support use cases across manufacturing operations, including operations management, quality and maintenance. ThingWorx delivers unmatched time to value and flexibility to support IoT initiatives for improved productivity and performance.

Find out for yourself what flexible, customizable IoT can do for you—download the ThingWorx free manufacturing trial. There’s no commitment, and they are yours to try, customize and build with the full suite of features for 120 days.

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