PTC Academic: 6 Educational AR Experiences We Love
Written By: Delaney McDevitt
7/23/2019 Read Time : 4 min

Digital transformation is bridging the space between education and industry as it encourages interactive curriculums to teach today’s students about Industry 4.0 through the lens of augmented reality.

But how can you incorporate cutting-edge technology in a classroom?

We’ve collected some of our favorite AR experiences that are easy to use, serve an educational purpose, and can be accessed in the K12 space and a university setting. By introducing students of all ages to AR and the technology behind it, students are also being exposed to the same software that industry leaders are using in the workplace.

Here are our 6 favorite AR experiences:

Google Translate

Learning a new language can be difficult and sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you need to know what a word or symbol means quickly. The Google Translate app allows you to use your smart device to activate a digital overlay on a physical object—like a street sign—and translates it for you on-the-spot.

Waypoint EDU

Create a scavenger hunt with this app for your class or family. This interactive AR experience gives you the ability to place geocaches with hints and quiz questions for a fun learning experience.

3D Bear AR

Learn how to design in AR in this app. Users can familiarize themselves with using AR and placing the digital into the physical world—this is a great introductory app for new users.

Metaverse Educator App

Create and gamify learning with this app, which gives users the capability to create scavenger hunts, quizzes, stories, and more!

Apollo 11 Launch

This AR experience was created for the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 and includes an informational segment that gives users background on the mission. You can then see the launch and explore it through games and visual tours of parts of the moon.  

E(AR)th Day

Teach or learn about reducing, reusing, and recycling with this environmentally conscious app created for Earth Day. This app can be shared year-round to spread awareness and understanding of proper disposal and best practices. Download the Vuforia View app.

Final Thoughts

Today’s generation of learners have been exposed to AR in many ways but may not fully understand all of its capabilities. By introducing AR and teaching students from K12 through university, students are becoming more knowledgeable in the same software used by industry leaders in Industry 4.0. The digital transformation that is occurring between academe and industry is equipping the next generation of the workforce with valuable skills that are transferable from the classroom to the frontline of industry.

To learn how PTC Academic is equipping students and educators with the software behind AR experiences, visit our About page.

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