Graduating? 10 Industries to Apply Your Creo Skills
Written by: Chris von Staats

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Planning for a future career can be a daunting task for many students, especially when there are so many paths to choose from. Furthermore, it is not always clear what skills are required to set yourself apart from other job applicants.

For over 30 years, Creo has remained the standard product design and development software across a variety of industries for parametric modeling, simulation/analysis, and product documentation. Learning Creo is one way to give yourself an edge on the competition in almost any industry you decide to pursue.

Here are 10 examples of the many industries that rely on Creo:

Computer Hardware

Smart devices are continuing to grow sleeker as their internal systems are refined. Design the next big-ticket, small-profile gadget in Creo.

Architecture & Planning

When huge costs and safety are on the line, starting with a CAD model is an important foundation for any new building.


Everyone knows that Creo is an amazing tool for product design, but did you ever consider that someone has to design the machinery that makes the products?

Aviation & Aerospace

Next time you hit turbulence on a long flight, take comfort in the fact that Creo is used widely in the aviation industry to design aircrafts.

Industrial Engineering

In their work optimizing and improving systems, industrial engineers often use CAD and 3D printing to create prototypes quickly for use as a proof of concept.


That’s right, even the fashion industry uses 3D modeling to design the newest trends. Scaling in Creo helps to ensure that every piece of clothing isn’t one size fits all.

Computer Software

Perhaps your CAD models will never make it all the way to physical product, but with Creo you can create computer graphics, marketing materials, and visual effects in the digital space.


The advanced simulation features of the Creo-Ansys integration make the software perfectly suited for the automotive industry, where live simulation helps create lighter, more aerodynamic parts.

Information Technology

The IT infrastructure at any school or business can often be immense. Creo helps IT workers design these setups so that they work seamlessly 24/7.

Interior Design

Have you ever hauled a couch up five flights of stairs just to find that it doesn’t fit in your new tiny studio apartment? The interior design industry knows the real value of designing and planning in Creo.

With familiarity and training in Creo, there is an abundance of opportunities for students looking to enter the workforce. Visit PTC Academic’s website to learn more about Creo and get started planning your future today!

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