Third Angle Podcast Reveals Engineering Secrets from Around the World

Written by: Jacqui Cook

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Launched in October 2022, this new bi-weekly podcast gives a voice to the passionate people bringing fascinating products to market.

The Third Angle podcast is an immersive experience that transports the listener on the journey from conception to completion of some unique engineering projects.

Inspirational guests take us behind the scenes to reveal details around the development and production of their cutting-edge products, from flying cars to life-saving devices.

Third Angle first features the world’s most advanced, fully electric motorcycle. This futuristic bike is the brainchild of Mark Truman and his British team of designers and engineers, who have built their business on the pursuit of perfection. Arc’s mission is to enable its customers ‘to explore Earth in state-of-the-art style combined with a promise to protect it’.

“…the custom motorcycle scene is not about covering things up; it's about being able to see the engineering. And we said, what if we make beautiful batteries that are the frame? One day kids are going to say, ‘have you seen that battery over there?’ Won't that be lovely!”



The Third Angle series includes the stories behind:

  • the ultimate galactic lightsaber
  • the world's first E-race car
  • life-saving devices that treat cancer and brain disorders
  • humanoid robots
  • the modern production processes behind Australia’s favorite cookie
  • industrial electric construction vehicles that work in near-complete silence
  • the world’s first flying car
  • a VR haptics vest that makes gaming and movies come alive

Check out Episode 1 now: “Arc: Electric Motorcycles Reimagining the Future of Adventure”.

Third Angle was made by 18sixty productions.

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