Sysmex Increases Value and Uptime with IoT

Written By: Christa Prokos
  • 5/8/2015

“Have you ever faced a difficult or seemingly unsolvable business problem? A problem that was stubborn and challenging? A problem that made you hunt and hunt for the right solution?”

That’s what Mark Dahlberg, senior director of Customer Care Systems at Sysmex America, asked the audience after taking the stage at LiveWorx.

This kind of problem solving is akin to hunting water buffalo, he said.

He would know. He has experience with both.

When you’re running after dangerous animals through dense African grass in 95 degree heat and 90 percent humidity, it’s always good to have a guide by yourself who knows the ropes.

In business you need a guide too, Dahlberg said, which is why Sysmex chose ThingWorx to be its expert Internet of Things guide.

Implementing IoT technology is not a single decision. It’s a journey you’ll be on for some time with difficult decisions along the way Dahlberg said. Surround yourself with experts.

Understandably, Sysmex Corporation is an expert in its own right. The global manufacturer of blood and urinalysis medical equipment sells to 48 companies in 29 countries. Laboratories and healthcare facilities around the globe rely on it to provide quality service to their own customers.

Sysmex’s hematology analyzers rank number one in the world, a position earned in part by ensuring that its customers achieve the high level of instrument uptime, accuracy, and service efficiency they demand.

How does it do this?

Sysmex began its connected product journey in 2005, implementing basic communication to its field instruments for remote monitoring. This first step allowed them to provide remote service offerings, which improved instrument uptime and service efficiency.

As the business matured, Sysmex realized there was even more value in the data coming off the remote instruments. Yet, with its existing IoT technology at the end of its life, it was unable to use that product data for meaningful business value.

This is where the expert guidance of ThingWorx came in.

With the ThingWorx platform, Sysmex found the complete application design, runtime, and intelligence environment it needed.

Today, the instrument data that Sysmex is collecting is being used to help deliver such offerings as remote customer support and new service applications, while reducing costs. Additionally, customers can expect a high level of equipment uptime because Sysmex is able to achieve faster decision response times, and improved use of service labor through greater collaborative information exchanges.

It took an expert guide to help Sysmex on their business transformation journey with IoT.

Dahlberg’s parting question to the audience at LiveWorx: “Who is your IoT guide?”

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Photo courtesy of Sysmex Corporation.



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