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It’s a true honor to be the fourth CEO in PTC’s storied history.

Over the last several months, I’ve been asked one question more than any other: “What excites you about being CEO?”

My answer is simple: PTC can be a company for the ages, and I believe I can help lead us there.

It starts with our customers. They make the products the world relies on: airplanes, passenger cars and trucks, construction vehicles and equipment that build our infrastructure, life-saving medical devices, computers, home appliances, and much more.

Today, our customers face a major moment of their own. Costs are rising, the pace of change is accelerating, global competition is increasing, expectations for more sustainable products are growing, the workforce is evolving, and products are becoming more complex.

For example, in today’s market, every automaker needs an embedded software strategy because that’s how they differentiate their vehicles. But the automotive industry is also highly regulated because driver and passenger safety is more important than anything. So, automakers need new, software-defined vehicle development processes while maintaining the product traceability required by regulations – all while keeping pace with customer demand.

Examples like this one are fueling investments in product-focused digital transformation initiatives and the software that PTC specializes in. The methods used to design, make, and sustain yesterday and today’s products will not work for tomorrow’s products. The urgency is real.

This is why I’m confident that PTC’s time is now. Our customers need us more than ever, and we are absolutely ready for it.

Purposeful execution for our customers will be our north star:

  • We will pay close attention to the market forces impacting their businesses.
  • We will continue investing in the products that bring our customers the most value.
  • We will fulfill our customer commitments once our software is in their hands.
  • We will continue to innovate so that we can do more for their businesses.

Finally, we will be there for our customers — always. Reliably.

With that said, taking care of our customers comes down to PTC’s greatest asset: our people. I couldn’t feel better about this. Over the last several months, I’ve met thousands of colleagues around the world. They’re smart, optimistic, and reliable. They’re enthusiastic about the opportunity in front of us, and they genuinely care about the success of our customers.

Together, we’ll meet this moment for our customers and continue building a company for the ages.

I want to thank PTC’s Board of Directors and Jim Heppelmann for laying the important groundwork for this opportunity. The journey will be incredible.

Let’s go, PTC!

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About the Author

Neil Barua, Chief Executive Officer

Neil Barua is the Chief Executive Officer of PTC.

Neil’s career spans more than 23 years across global operations, financial, and executive positions. Prior to joining PTC, Neil served as CEO of ServiceMax and transformed the company into a recognized leader in field service management. When PTC completed its acquisition of ServiceMax in January 2023, Neil led PTC’s Service Lifecycle Management business and joined PTC’s executive leadership team. Neil became CEO of PTC on February 14, 2024.

As CEO, Neil focuses on PTC’s long-term strategy, customer experience, and company culture.

Neil resides in the Boston area with his family. He earned his Bachelor of Science from NYU. Neil serves on the board of directors of Streetwise Partners.