PTC’s Onshape Selected by Garmin for Collaboration and Efficiency

Written by: David Katzman

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We’re pleased to share that Garmin, a global leader in GPS navigation and wearable technology for the automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor, and fitness markets, has chosen Onshape to support collaboration and efficiency among its global engineering teams.

I’ve had the opportunity to spend time with Garmin’s leadership team at its Kansas headquarters and with one of its global engineering teams in APAC. While there were many interesting parts of these trips (including a tour of a Garmin manufacturing facility), my main takeaway was how similar Garmin and Onshape are when it comes to our focus on building the best products, care for our customers, and moving our respective industries forward.

At the more practical level, we have a strong vision and roadmap for how Onshape will help Garmin with efficiencies in its design practices.

Companies, like Garmin, that embrace Onshape’s cloud-native approach benefit in several key ways. Internal and external collaborators can work on and review the same designs simultaneously, accelerating the product development process and shortening time to market. Working in the cloud offers superior performance, reliability, and security compared to traditional file-based, on-premises product development solutions. And, cloud-native removes the headaches and frustrations often associated with file-based systems, including PDM servers going down or the system itself outright crashing.

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David Katzman

David Katzman is the General Manager of the Velocity Group at PTC – which is comprised of Onshape, Arena and the PTC Education team. David is responsible for driving operational excellence, while overseeing the day-to-day execution of the Velocity Group’s business strategy.

Prior to his current position, David served as the SVP and general manager for Onshape, where he oversaw the design and implementation of business strategy and policies – from customer success and sales to partnerships and business development. Onshape was acquired by PTC for $470 million in October 2019. Previously, David was a senior consultant at Deloitte Consulting.

He serves on the board of the PTC Foundation and holds advisory roles in several tech companies.

David received an MBA from Dartmouth's Tuck School of Business and a Bachelor of Science degree in computer engineering and economics from Tufts University.