Introducing ThingWorx 9.2: Here’s What’s New

Written by: Joe Biron

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The latest version of our industry leading IIoT software is now available!

World class industrial connectivity, a strong focus on enabling applications and analytics, and a core product architecture designed for future innovation are just a few of the reasons why ThingWorx is the leading Industrial IoT (IIoT) provider. With each release, our goal is to continuously expand our capabilities and provide valuable new features for both our long-standing customers as well as those who are just starting out in their ThingWorx journey. Most importantly, those features need to be put to work on valuable business solutions which can scale with our customers’ needs.

The new and updated features in ThingWorx 9.2 will help you boost productivity, including the ability to:

  • Understand quality or downtime better than ever with our new waterfall style analysis visualizations
  • Enjoy even easier deployment from Solution Central for your enterprise applications to all your ThingWorx environments with the new one-click deploy feature
  • Rise to the challenge of managing your device fleet with more performance, scale, and usability improvements for Software Content Management
  • Save time when transforming data sets for machine learning with new capabilities for free form text and time-based streams

ThingWorx Applications

Additionally, we have recently released a set of new applications for high impact industrial use cases such as real time performance monitoring, asset health and utilization, and connected workers.

ThingWorx Applications accelerate time to value and time to scale by focusing on use cases that have significant impact on the P&L while building a foundation for digital transformation. Our applications replace custom, bespoke approaches with repeatable, configurable, and tailorable applications that leverage the domain expertise from hundreds of successful implementations. Our applications are:

  • Ready to configure: Reduce time needed to design code and test applications.
  • Rapid implementation: Configuration services get you started in as little as 90 days.
  • Wrap and extend: ThingWorx Applications work with your existing systems and infrastructure.
  • Future-proofed roadmap for continuous innovation: Applications align to the most common requirements; this enables you to rapidly create a foundation for digital transformation.

ThingWorx Navigate connects the enterprise, making the vision of a digital thread a day-to-day reality. By providing simplified role-based access of PLM data, this allows users to view and contribute to Engineering content and workflows. The latest product innovations in version 9.2 expand access to improve product and process quality by enabling anyone in the enterprise to “Report a Problem.”

New in ThingWorx Navigate 9.2:

  • Contribute App “Report a Problem” to enable users to create problem reports
  • ThingWorx Flow connector to support the new “Report a Problem” App
  • Enhanced installation and upgrade process with pre-requisite to install ThingWorx Flow

For further details, please visit our What’s New page.

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Joseph (Joe) Biron is the Chief Technology Officer and General Manager, Internet of Things (IoT) technology at PTC. In this role he oversees product strategy and technical architecture of the core ThingWorx IoT platform, analytics, connectivity, and application development tools for the Industrial IoT. Biron brings years of IoT experience and deep understanding of the broader technology market to focus PTC’s activities towards breakthrough technology development and collaboration with the ecosystem through partners and industry consortiums.