Gold Medal Performances: Honoring Top PTC Partners

Written by: John Gray

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Despite what appeared to be nearly insurmountable obstacles, the Olympics is now streaming on televisions across the globe. Once again, we watch athletes at the pinnacle of their performance, making the near-impossible appear effortless and the death-defying both graceful and fluid. Despite the outward calm these athletes project, we know that behind each composed face lies determination borne from years of sacrifice and strenuous preparation.

Since joining PTC in 2018, I have had the honor and privilege of stewarding the PTC Partner Network into the double-digit sales engine it is today. The strength and determination of our partner community never ceases to inspire me. Today our partner ecosystem spans the smallest and largest technology providers on the planet, and collectively contributes over one-third of PTC’s annual recurring revenue.

It is my honor to congratulate the following winners of the PTC Partner Network Award quantitative categories. Like our Olympic champions, these partners overcame myriad challenges, in an extraordinary year, to bring home the gold.

Note: We’ve previously written about the stories behind the qualitative awards, as well as our Partners of the Year.

Greatest Number of New Customers, Greatest New ACV Bookings: Rockwell Automation

Finalists: Inneo, EAC (Greatest Number of New Customers)
Finalists: Cognizant, Inneo (Greatest New ACV Bookings)

Rockwell Automation is PTC’s all-around G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All Time) performance leader, recognized as PTC Partner of the Year and winner of the Greatest Number of New Customers and Greatest New ACV Bookings awards. This triple-play powerhouse was also a finalist for the Transformation in Community Impact award.

For the past three years, PTC and Rockwell have shared a special relationship based on a common commitment to factory innovation and instantiated through best-in-class Industry 4.0 offerings. Rockwell Automation secured an amazing 100 new engagements through our PTC partnership, all while bringing in the most bookings revenue as measured by Annual Contract Value (ACV). Simply an outstanding performance by an incredible partner.

Greatest Growth of ACV: Kalypso

Finalists: Nippon, Botaem

Kalypso bounded into first place with an incredible 2,000% growth in bookings revenue, as measured by ACV. Kalypso also closed one of the largest multi-segment deals in PTC history.

This professional services firm excels in innovation all along the digital value chain. Over the years, we’ve seen Kalypso grow from a regional services provider into the global presence it is today, with four innovation centers and studios and nearly 300 professionals across the Americas and Europe. Now a Rockwell Automation company, Kalypso is poised to deliver even greater customer value in the years ahead.

Adept in multiple industries and technology disciplines, Kalypso was also a multi-award winner. The company won the System Integrator Partner of the Year award and Greatest Growth of ACV award and placed as a finalist in the Transformation in Connected Products award, bringing home (what would be) the silver and bronze for two separate submissions in the Transformation in Connected Products award. Way to go, Kalypso!

Greatest Segment ARR Growth, CAD: Cadactive

Finalists: Softcell, DesignTech

Cadactive clinched the gold by growing its CAD revenues an astonishing 120% year over year. This engineering solution provider specializes in the implementation and deployment of CAD and PLM solutions. They also provide a growing suite of applications that free engineers from repetition and accelerate the design process. As Cadactive only joined PTC in 2018 we are super excited to see such a young partner grow so quickly.

Greatest Segment ARR Growth, PLM: Jetsoft

Finalists: Boston Engineering, Softcell Technologies

JetSoft, turned in an incredible 147% Annual Recuring Revenue (ARR) growth in PLM bookings to reach the winner’s podium. JetSoft is a longstanding and highly valued reseller based in Taiwan, that provides best-in-class engineering solutions along with professional training and expert consultation. JetSoft also achieved a 100% renewal rate which helped fuel their ARR growth. What an amazing accomplishment.

Greatest Segment ARR Growth, IoT: Percall

Finalists: PDS Vision AB, Sconce

Percall edged out the competition by growing its IoT business by more than 400%. Just fantastic! Percall has been a valued PTC partner for over 19 years and has grown to encompass 300 employees who collectively speak twelve languages. So close is our collaboration that in 2015 the company created a new division in order to expand their PTC offerings. Percall has invested heavily in their SOLINGS solution, a PL/MES solution focused on securing sustainability of legacy data, which continues to have tremendous customer success.

Greatest Segment ARR Growth, AR: ISID

Finalists: Matrix, Shanghai Megalink

Information Services International Dentsu (ISID) soared into first place by growing its Augmented Reality (AR) business by a whopping 230%. Since the establishment of ISID as a joint venture between Dentsu and GE, ISID has grown as a group of exceptional IT experts that cross-breed ideas to design creative solutions for manufacturing innovation. This is an incredible win as it involved successfully building a net-new business around augmented reality. Congratulations, ISID!

Greatest Segment ARR Growth, OnShape: Parametric Design

Finalists: Sconce, S&T Consulting

Parametric Design vaulted to the top of this category by bringing in the most Onshape business and closing a large multi-year deal. Since its founding in 2001, Parametric Design has grown in scope and scale to become the top platinum partner it is today. Headquartered in Italy and Switzerland, the company provides expert training and consulting throughout Europe and across the entire PTC product line. Well done, Parametric Design!

Greatest Growth in the Number of Resellers: Redington

Finalists: SB C&S, ACA

Redington takes the prize with having added over 20 new PTC resellers in India. Serving 38 emerging markets, Redington has evolved from humble beginnings into the $7.7 billion dollar dynamo it is today. Congratulations, Redington!

Greatest Conversion Rate: Savaco N.V.

Finalists: Tekman Software Solutions, PDSVision AS

Savaco N.V. surged to the winner’s circle by converting an astounding 75% of their customer base to subscription. What an impressive feat! With headquarters in Belgium, Savaco is a full-service consultancy specializing in PTC solutions that deliver strategic advantage throughout the EU.

Greatest Number of Multi-Segment Deals: INNEO

Finalists: Tristar, Techsoft

INNEO topped the charts by driving over 100 multi-segment deals. INNEO is one of PTC’s oldest and longest standing partners, driving PTC sales and customer success in the UK, Germany and Switzerland. As a leading platinum partner, INNEO has helped customers adopt PTC’s entire digital transformation strategy, starting with CAD and progressing to PLM, IoT and AR. With this fantastic win, the company demonstrates its all-around versatility.

Partner Rookie of the Year: Cadsyst

Finalists: JBSoft, HCL Technologies Sweden AB

Cadsyst rocketed into the winner’s circle in their first year as a PTC partner, closing close to $500K in bookings revenue. With offices in Buenos Aires and Mexico City, Cadsyst serves diverse Latin American clients. They joined PTC in June 2020 right in the middle of COVID, which makes their win even more impressive.

The Biggest Winners: PTC Customers

In closing, I want to extend a huge thank you to all our PTC Partner Network Award finalists and winners for delivering such amazing results – for their clients, for themselves, and of course, for PTC. We wouldn’t be the company we are without you.

To learn more about these partners and the incredible work they’ve done, please visit our PTC Partners page. We are hard at work turning these award-winning solutions into case studies for the world to see. They are that good and we are proud to share!

On behalf of the entire PTC Partner Network, it’s been an honor and privilege to celebrate these awards with you. I look forward to working with many of you in the year ahead.

The Power of the PTC Partner Network

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John Gray

John Gray has led the PTC Partner Network since joining PTC in 2018. The Partner Network drives over one third of PTC’s ARR revenue, has delivered double-digit growth over the last six years, and is vitally important to PTC’s high growth SaaS strategy. John and his team drive all aspects of the Network’s success: strategy, recruitment, enablement, go-to-market, programs, marketing, sales and customer success.

John brings over 20 years of executive leadership experience at some of the most notable technology and cloud leaders (IBM, BEA, Oracle, LivePerson, New Relic). John spent the last five years before joining PTC as a channel chief for ‘born in the cloud’ SaaS companies – New Relic and Datadog. Previously, John held senior leadership positions at Oracle, BEA and IBM.

John was recognized by CRN as a Channel Chief in 2018 and 2019, led the IPED IOT Advisory Board, and is a member of the Channel Leadership Forum.

John is a Brit, has lived in Boston with his wife, Sarah, for the last 20 years and is based in PTC’s Seaport HQ. He is a long-suffering Leeds United soccer supporter and an avid F1 (Formula One) racing fan.