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If there’s a single phrase to describe PTC’s new global headquarters in the Boston Seaport, it’s employee-centric.

Decisions on workspaces, building amenities, even the location itself, were made to promote overall employee health and wellness, as well as improve accessibility, drive productivity, and enable collaboration.

Research has found a strong correlation between high workplace satisfaction and high employee engagement. And what exactly do employees value in an office? According to a recent survey the top three features are a space that’s appealing and comfortable (61%), workspace flexibility (53%), and a community atmosphere (47%). In 121 Seaport, employees will have all that and more.

PTC is already recognized as one Boston’s Top Places to Work and its new home is a true reflection of the corporate culture. Here’s a look at how the inside – and outside – of the 121 Seaport building offers employees a workspace that fosters collaboration, nurtures innovation, and encourages overall health and wellness.

Built-In Flexibility and Comfort

• Ergonomic Workstations

When building out the space at 121 Seaport, great consideration was given to ensuring employees would be comfortable and workspaces flexible and collaborative. For example, each of the 750 work stations are ergonomically designed, and employees can easily adjust the desk height from sitting to standing. The work stations are equipped with an interactive user interface and scheduling features, a nod to PTC’s drive to embrace digital transformation. Furniture vendors include Steelcase, Knoll, Herman Miller, and Haworth – all PTC customers. 

• Collaborative Environment

Collaborative space is essential to all aspects of daily life and work at PTC. You won’t find a cubicle anywhere; desks are arranged in “neighborhoods” so team members can easily connect and converse.

Complementing these workstations are 180 meeting rooms – of all shapes, sizes, and styles – where employees can gather with colleagues, seek out quiet space for focused work, take customer or vendor calls, or give presentations and trainings.

In addition to the meeting rooms, there are comfortable seating areas scattered throughout the building to connect informally with colleagues or to unlock creative energy with a change of scenery.

In addition, there are “hive” areas on every floor where employees can grab coffee or a healthy snack and have those all-important impromptu conversations with co-workers across departments and disciplines.

• Consistent Temperatures

A common gripe about office spaces is they are either too hot or too cold and it can be a constant distraction for employees. (This 2018 study found it’s a complaint for nearly half of workers.) To minimize these issues, 121 Seaport has a state-of-the-art HVAC system and other design enhancements that use energy more efficiently while delivering consistent temperature throughout the workspaces.

Planes, Trains, Automobiles (and More!)

Employees will arrive to 121 Seaport from across greater Boston by train, boat, bus, foot, and bike.

Boston is known as “America’s Walking City” because of its compact layout and high density of historical and cultural sites. And there’s so much packed into the Seaport neighborhood: a growing concentration of innovative companies, a burgeoning restaurant scene, and spectacular waterfront views.

While most employees drove to PTC’s headquarters in Needham, Mass. as it was not easily accessible via public transportation, this is not the case for 121 Seaport. Located in the heart of Boston, many will now be able to take advantage of public transportation, which follows PTC’s commitment to more sustainable practices. To support employees in the transition, PTC is covering up to 50 percent of commuting costs.

For those coming from afar, the new global headquarters is located about a 10-minute drive from Logan Airport, making it easily accessible to employees, customers, and other out-of-town visitors.

Pedal Power

Not only is Boston a walkable city, it’s bike-friendly, too. Boston and nearby Cambridge both earned top 20 spots on the Best Bike Cities in the U.S. list by Bicycling Magazine in 2016.

Employees living in Boston may choose to bike to work, either with their own bicycle or by taking advantage of Blue Bikes, Metro Boston’s public bike share program. Blue Bikes has over 1,800 bikes and more than 200 stations across Boston and surrounding communities. To encourage employees to take advantage of the bike share program, they’re covering the cost of Blue Bike membership and 45-minutes of ride time.

If employees have their own bikes, they can ride and store them in a secured space within the 121 Seaport parking garage that has space for 270 bikes.

Walk This Way

From the 17th floor of the building, there’s an incredible panoramic view of Boston Harbor. Even better, just a few steps away from the front doors is the 43-mile Boston HarborWalk. This pedestrian haven offers the opportunity for employees to take in the fresh air, stretch their legs, or enjoy lunch in one of the nearby parks.

A short distance away is the Rose Kennedy Greenway, which includes public art installations, and the Freedom Trail, a walkable tour of 16 nationally significant historic sites.

Get in Shape on Site

On the third floor of 121 Seaport is an employee fitness center. With over 20 new machines – from treadmills to ellipticals to stair climbers – employees can squeeze in a workout before, during, or after work. Locker rooms, a stretching studio, and towel service are a few of the amenities. 

Bold Move for a Bold Future

PTC’s move to Boston’s Innovation District signals a new chapter – one that’s powered by the talent, passion, and drive of its employees.

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