COVID-19 Hero: Nike Supports Frontline Health Workers & Employees Globally

Written by: Taryl Hafer

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As companies around the world look for how they can help out during the COVID-19 crisis, many are finding ways to put their talent and materials to new use.

Nike is working alongside health professionals at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) to create high functioning face shields and personal protective equipment (PPE) that are also simple to produce.

Nike’s version of the full-face shield is taking elements of the brand's footwear and apparel and turning them into PPE. By using collar padding, cords, and even the core component in Nike Air soles, the manufacturing and product teams have come together to create a new streamlined process to get protective gear out quickly.

The first shipment of full-face shields and powered, air-purifying respirator (PAPR) lenses was delivered to OHSU on Friday, April 3, 2020.

In addition to PPE, Nike has announced it is providing funding to help local organizations meet immediate needs—such as food assistance and medical care—in communities around the world where Nike employees live and work.

To date, Nike’s leaders, the Nike Foundation, and Nike have committed more than $17 million to COVID-19 response efforts globally.

To further support the communities in which Nike employees live and work, the company is offering a two-to-one match for any donations made by their employees to support COVID-19 responses locally, nationally, and internationally.

Since fitness is core to the Nike brand, Nike is also encouraging exercise during the COVID-19 crisis. Along with the World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry, they’ve launched a guide to support the work of the World Health Organization to promote physical activity, parenting, and mental health.

Thank you to Nike for their commitment to help their employees and their communities across the globe.

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