COVID-19 Hero: Fresenius Medical Care Joins Dialysis Provider Coalition to Combat Hospital Overflow

Written By: Alexandra Puig
  • 4/9/2020
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Fresenius is a COVID-19 hero

In only a matter of days before the COVID-19 pandemic hits its peak in the United States, hospitals have been faced with significant overflow due to the increased number of patients impacted by the virus. Across the country, states have been forced to find hospital space in convention centers, naval ships, and hotels.

With attention predominantly placed on those suffering from the virus, patients experiencing chronic conditions prior to COVID-19 find themselves at an impasse – is a trip to the hospital for routine treatment warranted even though an already compromised immune system will be at risk of contracting COVID-19? Research shows patients with chronic illnesses feel these conditions make them more susceptible to the virus (73%) and are looking to physicians (36%) for more information on how best to proceed.

In support of patients receiving kidney dialysis multiple times a week, considered to be one of the most at-risk populations, Fresenius Medical Care is cooperating with DaVita Inc., U.S. Renal Care, American Renal Associates, Satellite Healthcare, and other dialysis organizations to create a nationwide contingency plan. The goal is helping to maintain continuity of care for dialysis patients by creating isolation cohort capacity that can be accessed by other dialysis providers, thereby eliminating the need for patients to enter a hospital environment and put themselves at risk.

“This collaboration will help safeguard caregivers, conserve personal protective equipment and other important supplies, and create an environment that provides excess capacity for providers that may be overwhelmed by larger COVID-19 clusters,” Fresenius announced in an April 1 press release. 

Thank you to Fresenius Medical Care for their quick thinking and ingenuity to address dialysis patients’ needs during this global public health crisis.

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