Celebrating the Power of Partnership: PTC Partner Network Awards

Written By: John Gray
  • 7/12/2021
  • Read Time : 2 min

If there is one thing this past year has taught me, it is the enduring power of partnership. In a year of social distancing, learning pods, and remote offices, our partner network has never played a more vital role in keeping us connected. For PTC’s customers and partners, the past year has been an incredible challenge, but as the saying goes, we get by “with a little help from our friends” – and that’s exactly what happened.

Last summer, when we announced the launch of our first-ever PTC Partner Network Awards, I was excited to put together a program that would allow us to celebrate the hard work and success of our partner ecosystem. For me, an important component of the awards program was leveraging an independent industry analyst organization to review the award submissions and select finalists based on industry benchmarks and best-in-class outcomes.

After evaluating several analyst organizations, we selected ARC Advisory Council to fulfill that need. I’m excited to share that ARC Advisory Council has reviewed all FY21 Partner Award submissions and returned to us a list of the finalists. Despite a raging pandemic, global travel restrictions, and roller coaster budgets – our customers, together with our partners, have managed to accomplish incredible feats.

Today, as I read through the PTC Partner Award finalist submissions what strikes me most is the grit and determination our partners demonstrated as they navigated new ways to deliver mission-critical value in an exceptionally challenging year. Our partner ecosystem has tirelessly worked with customers around the world to adopt outcomes-based solutions that accelerate their digital transformation. Significantly and in parallel, not only did they allow our customers to maintain business continuity, but in many cases these new initiatives delivered double-digit growth.

The PTC Partner Network Awards categories are:


  • Most Impact in Digital Transformation at Scale
  • Transformation in Community Impact
  • Teaming (Best Ecosystem Project)
  • Trailblazer/Innovation Project
  • Transformation in Digital Engineering
  • Transformation in Connected Products
  • Transformation in Manufacturing Operations
  • Transformation in Workforce Productivity
  • Transformation in Enterprise PLM (Digital Thread


  • Greatest Number of New Customers
  • Greatest New ACV Bookings
  • Greatest Growth of ACV
  • Greatest Segment ARR Growth
  • Greatest Number of Resellers
  • Greatest Conversion Rate
  • Greatest Number of Multi-Segment Deals
  • Partner Rookie of the Year

Partner of the Year

  • Partner of the Year (Overall)
  • Technology Partner of the Year
  • Solution Partner of the Year
  • System Integrator of the Year

I encourage you to join me on July 20th at the PTC Global Partner Summit where we will recognize all the finalists and winners who delivered immense value to our customers and grew their own businesses in the process. Whether we find ourselves in healthy times or challenging times, it’s incredible to know that when PTC and our partner ecosystem leans in, it is possible to grow the business and solve business challenges for our customers and communities. Now that’s what I would call a win-win-win.

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  • Augmented Reality
  • Industrial Internet of Things
  • CAD
  • Digital Transformation
  • Corporate Update
  • Partner News

About the Author

John Gray

John Gray has led the PTC Partner Network since joining PTC in 2018. The Partner Network drives over one third of PTC’s ARR revenue, has delivered double-digit growth over the last six years, and is vitally important to PTC’s high growth SaaS strategy. John and his team drive all aspects of the Network’s success: strategy, recruitment, enablement, go-to-market, programs, marketing, sales and customer success.

John brings over 20 years of executive leadership experience at some of the most notable technology and cloud leaders (IBM, BEA, Oracle, LivePerson, New Relic). John spent the last five years before joining PTC as a channel chief for ‘born in the cloud’ SaaS companies – New Relic and Datadog. Previously, John held senior leadership positions at Oracle, BEA and IBM.

John was recognized by CRN as a Channel Chief in 2018 and 2019, led the IPED IOT Advisory Board, and is a member of the Channel Leadership Forum.

John is a Brit, has lived in Boston with his wife, Sarah, for the last 20 years and is based in PTC’s Seaport HQ. He is a long-suffering Leeds United soccer supporter and an avid F1 (Formula One) racing fan.