What’s in Creo Elements/Direct 20.4

Written By: Cat McClintock
  • 5/12/2021
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The newest release of the industry-leading direct modeling software, Creo Elements/Direct, is now available.

In Creo Elements/Direct 20.4, you’ll find enhancements to Modeling and some of its most popular productivity modules, like Annotation and Simplification. Plus, don’t miss updates for ensuring interoperability with Creo 8.

Boost your productivity with these new capabilities:



Advances in Annotation focus on making sure your drawings comply with the latest industry standards. You can now:

Create dimensions between reference lines for drawings created in Annotation.


Use enhanced adjacent text capabilities for geometric tolerances (GTOLs).


Access updates to symbols and placement of GTOLs for surface finishes.




Plus, you can select and delete multiple sheets quickly and easily by pressing CTRL, or SHIFT, or both.



Associate any model (external to the owner assembly or part) as a simplification model to an existing simplification feature using the new “Associate Simplification” command.


Modeling Usability

In response to your use cases and requests, we’ve added ease-of-use updates in the following areas:

  • Zoom-to-selected now includes several features for usability. The logic has been enhanced and the selection is persistent.
  • New Load Model at Center and Reduced Point Feedback options eliminate potential and noticeable delays in specific workflows.
  • Capture and re-use captured selections for better usability of selection workflows.



The mouse cursor in Drafting has been updated to improve performance with large drawings if OpenGL graphics library and Fly-By highlighting are enabled.

Part Library

You can now search for geometrically similar or identical parts within an assembly and replace identical parts with shared parts. You can even see the level of geometrical similarity as a percentage.


Creo 8 Compatibility

Import updates for Creo multibody parts into Creo Elements/Direct Modeling ensure that you keep body-related design information during the transfer. These include:

  • Extension “.BDY” in part names from bodies.
  • Transfer of body color.
  • Dedicated handling of imported bodies marked as construction bodies.

Creo Elements/Direct 20.4 also includes streamlined 3D import profile and templates and updates for font mapping of imported text symbols.

Data Management

  • Model Manager now supports Oracle 19C
  • Compatible Windchill Workgroup Manager support is planned for 11.1 M121 CPS20 and


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