Webcast: Simulation and Analysis without the Ph.D.
Written By: Beverly Spaulding

If you’re a design engineer, you’re probably not using simulation software today to make decisions. “Some 30% or so are doing so very frequently and consistently,” writes Chad Jackson over on the Lifecycle Insights blog.  While, another 6 in 10 are using it “inconsistently and infrequently.”

3D model of cycle wheel showing simulation results

 Simulation software can perform structural, motion, and thermal analyses of parts and assemblies.

Jackson says lack of knowledge may be holding some designers back. And that’s understandable. Simulation and analysis are traditionally highly specialized skill. But tools like Creo Simulate may be the key to changing all that.

Brake assembly with simulation software outcome shown

Engineers can do much of their own analysis with simulation software integrated into their CAD environment

Simulation software not just for experts

But the truth is, running analyses on your models as you work on them is more within your reach than ever. Our latest PTC Creo Simulate webcast, Simulation and Analysis without the Ph.D., demonstrates how easy it is to integrate simulation into your design process. You’ll see examples of the kinds of analysis you can do while you design a cable car emergency brake and a circular saw.

If you’re ready to learn more about how easy it is to use simulation in your designs, click here to view the hour-long webcast.


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