Tips & Tricks: Enhanced Datum Feature Symbols
Written By: Aaron Shaw

If you are deploying model-based definition in your company, you’ll want to download Creo 4.0.  We’ve added dozens of enhancements to the software specifically to improve MBD. Among these new capabilities, we've made it easier than ever to create datum feature symbols. Now you can quickly create annotations anywhere you want, with smart, standards-based placement options that follow the latest GD&T standards.

Datum symbols

Create a Datum Feature Symbol

Datum feature symbols can now be created as a stand-alone annotation and do not require a plane or axis in the model. Just follow these steps:

  1. In the Annotations group on the Annotate tab, click Datum Feature Symbol. A datum feature symbol will appear next to your cursor, and will move with your cursor.
  2. Drag the datum feature symbol to place it on a surface or another annotation.
  3. In the Datum Feature tab, set the properties for the datum feature symbol.
  4. Click anywhere in the graphics area to stop editing the datum feature symbol.


Move a Datum Feature Symbol

You can modify the placement of the datum feature symbol by dragging it.

 Dragging a datum feature symbol

Dragging a datum feature symbol.

Change the Attachment Point for a GTOL Symbol

If you place a datum feature symbol on a GTOL, you can choose whether it attaches to the GTOL frame or to the leader by choosing the option from the right-click menu. Just follow these steps:

  1. Right-click the datum feature symbol.
  2. Select Gtol Elbow to change the attachment point to the elbow.


Change the Attachment Point for a Diameter Dimension

Similarly, if you place the datum feature symbol on a diameter dimension, you can choose whether it attaches to the dimension elbow or to the dimension line opposite the dimension text as follows:

  1. Right-click the datum feature symbol.
  2. Select Dimension Elbow to change the attachment point to the elbow. Deselect this option to move the attachment point opposite the dimension line.


Deselect elbow

Deselecting Dimension Elbow moves the datum feature symbol from the elbow to a position opposite the dimension line.

Watch the Demo

You can see a brief demo of these tips in the video below.

To learn more, read the PTC Creo Help Center page, More Intuitive Workflows for Creating and Editing Datum Feature Symbols in Model-Based Definition.

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