Summer Just Got Hotter for These Five Creo Customers

Written By: Cat McClintock
  • 6/4/2018

Nothing better than kicking off summer by announcing five new and expanding Creo customers. We’re thrilled to have them on board and look forward to helping them close the gap between the physical and digital worlds with exciting technologies that support augmented reality, the internet of things, topology optimization, computational fluid dynamics, and more.

Summer with CAD

Take a closer look at each of these stellar organizations:

CAME: Automated homes and buildings

A leading multinational company, CAME provides integrated technology solutions for automated home, building, and urban environments. Think: security, parking access, and video entry systems. The company helps property owners integrate everything into a single home automation control system—tying together gates, rolling shutters and garage doors with alarm, intercom, load control, and temperature control systems.

Home automation system from CAME

Every product needed to automate a home. Source: CAME 

Cramasie: From concept to finished product 

Cramasie is a product design and development consultancy that blends industrial design and mechanical engineering together to create innovative products. The company replaced its existing 3D CAD solution with Creo (we love that) in order to help it move product design into the future. Cramasie designs are behind diverse devices like joypads; music players; a portable, rechargeable battery-powered POE (Power over Ethernet); and yes, a kitchen sink.

Innovative design from Cramasie

Industrial design plus mechanical engineering equals innovative products. Source: Cramasie

Dexprom: Molds for cars

From Portugual comes Dexprom, a company that produces large and complex molds for packaging, home appliances, and garden products. But its best known for its work in the automotive industry—producing dashboards, bumpers, door panels, etc. We can’t tell you what’s next for Dexprom, but we can tell you that it’s expanding its use of Creo this year.

Molded bumper design

Bold molds for car parts. Source: Dexprom

ProtonVDA: Making radiography easier on patients

ProtonVDA is a compact, monolithic, and scalable radiography system that aims to bring cancer treatment to more people. In a nutshell the system uses protons to image patients before treatment and precisely treat tumors.  While this isn’t new technology, until now it’s been expensive and complicated. Founders at ProtonVDA believe they can optimize these systems to be more cost effective and precise. This company, too, recently switched to Creo.

 Radiographic schema from Proton VDA

Definition of good design: compact, monolithic, and scalable. Source: ProtonVDA

Volkswagen: Using Creo to create V-Dubs

The name Volkswagen might be a familiar one (we’re kidding, of course it’s familiar). A worldwide, leading automobile manufacturer, Volkswagen is the largest carmaker in Europe. So, what’s new? For one thing, the new 2019 Volkswagen Jetta. It reflects years of exacting design work by a dedicated team that had to anticipate American market trends, meet a host of engineering requirements, and eventually craft a look that appeals to millions, without going stale. We are excited that they’re expanding their Creo footprint as they continue to design the next-generation of automobiles.

Volkswagen Jetta

The Jetta. It’s classic, and it keeps getting better (designed). Source: Volkswagen

Why Use Creo?

“These companies, ranging from a well-known automobile manufacturer to an automated home and building solution provider, all recognized the potential of Creo to give them a true competitive edge, and PTC is eager to support their journey and outcomes,” says Brian Thompson, SVP and general manager, CAD, PTC.

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About the Author

Cat McClintock

Cat McClintock edits the Creo and Mathcad blogs for PTC.  She has been a writer and editor for 15+ years,  working for CAD, PDM, ERP, and CRM software companies. Prior to that, she edited science journals for an academic publisher and aligned optical assemblies for a medical device manufacturer. She holds degrees in Technical Journalism, Classics, and Electro-Optics. She loves talking to PTC customers and learning about the interesting work they're doing and the innovative ways they use the software.